Friday, May 24, 2019


March 2012 - May 24, 2019

Wednesday, May 22, 2019



Legacy's Adrift In The Dark
October 26, 2006 -May 22, 2019

Monday, May 20, 2019

A Special Boy

You all remember that Sebastian found us shortly after we lost Tsar. He fit seamlessly into the pack and become an important part of the family.
Sebastian was calm and sweet tempered. He never got into trouble and never had an accident in the house. When Rob brought the little hound puppies home, Sebastian accepted them immediately and was a huge help in raising them. They both adored him.
For some time we've known that he was in some pain but we couldn't pinpoint the source. I thought it was headaches because he would keep his head lowered, eyes squinted and sleep in a corner with his head pressed against the wall.
Last month we had a cyst removed from his eyelid and his teeth and gums cleaned. We hoped that would relieve his pain.
After his surgery Sebastian didn't want to chew and would walk away from his kibble and biscuits. I started feeding him soft and wet food and giving him animal crackers instead of biscuits. But then last week he started refusing the soft food too.
He spent all the time sleeping in a corner and had to be coaxed to eat or go outside. We knew he was very sick but didn't know why.

On Thursday evening Sebastian put his head in my lap and I started rubbing his ears. I noticed a hard lump at his jawline under his ear.  On Friday morning we took him to the vet. Dr B wasn't sure what the lump was. It could be an infected saliva gland or a lymph node. All his other lymph nodes were ok and he had no fever so the doc was stymied. He also noted that Sebastian had  lost about eight pounds since his surgery six weeks earlier. He took some blood and gave us some antibiotics.
On Saturday morning Dr B called. He said the lab report was back and it was bad news. Sebastian had advanced kidney disease. There was nothing we could do. We might buy ourselves a few weeks with a special diet, but I didn't think that was fair for a good boy like Sebastian. He was suffering and we couldn't let that continue.
We took Sebastian for a walk on his favorite trail, then headed for the hospital where Dr B was waiting. We all said goodbye and ended his pain.
I'll always be glad that he found us and we took him in. We had him for much too short a time.

Saturday, May 18, 2019



Legacy's Dom Sebastian deSejado
January 5, 2011 - May 18, 2019

Friday, May 10, 2019

Home Improvements

When Rob first built the dog castle it was a tall tower with no roof. On hot days we would put the hose on top and the dogs could run thru and get showered with nice cool water. The Water Dogs loved it.
 After a couple years we decided to turn it into a place where they could get out of the hot sun and rest while playing. Rob took it down to a shorter height and added a roof. Tess especially liked it as she likes to get into small places to nap.
Then Sebastian came along and adopted the castle. He made some improvements of his own. He dug an enormous hole inside the castle. It took him months to finish his hole but now he goes in and sleeps on the cool earthen floor of his doghouse/castle and has to be coaxed out. Tess still likes to visit now and then but the others have lost interest.
 Sydney and Mackey do use the roof as a lookout. From the roof they can see over the fence and watch the neighbors all the way up the street. They also know that lizards sun themselves on the warm roof.
Sebastian is a sun lover. As soon as he gets outside on sunny days he likes to stretch out on a warm surface and cook himself. When he gets too hot, he retreats to the castle to cool off. Then he repeats the process.
This week Sebastian's contractor, Rob, surprised him with his very own brick patio just behind the castle.
The area where the fish pond was going to be has been filled in and little block steps lead down to it.
Sebastian watched the construction and was very pleased when it was ready.
Now Sebastian can be found either in his castle or lounging on his patio.
 Of course!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May Day

Woof Bloggers,
Wow, last night was scary. It got really dark in the afternoon and the weather dude kept coming on TV to talk about storms. Then in the evening Mom was watching her hockey game when suddenly the tornado sirens started screaming. We don't like those sirens at all. We were barking and whining and pacing so Mom and Dad took us all downstairs to our safe room. The big TV is down there so Mom could watch her game and still keep track of the weather dudes.
 Then she turned the game off and just listened to the weather dude because he said there was a tornado about two blocks away heading toward us. We stayed downstairs for a couple hours till the storms were past. Then Mom and Dad gave us our bedtime yogurt and rushed us outside. It was dark and windy and raining so we hurried to pee, then came right back inside to get toweled off.

It was kind of hard to get to sleep but the thunder and wind quieted down finally and we got some sleep. I slept right beside Mom so that she'd keep me safe. 

This morning came and the sun was shining. It's really wet outside but there's no storm damage in our yard. It's May Day today so we're sending some pretty flowers your way. Here's our Bleeding Heart plant. Mom has been trying to kill this plant for twelve years and it still keeps coming back bigger and better each year. 
These pretty white flowers were planted by our bird friends and are popping up all over the yard. Dad tries to mow around them because they're so happy looking. 

Here's the first rosebud of the year. It won't be long before the rose bush is covered with red flowers.
 The Hostas are up but they won't have flowers till later in the summer.
Mom was playing with her sticks and strings. What do you think she's making?
 If you guessed a little me, then you were right.
 I don't think it looks much like me, do you?
Keep Wagging, Mackey

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Save The Frogs

Woof Bloggers,
One thing Mom loves about Spring, besides the flowers ad greeness, is the sound. All day long we hear the birds singing but in the early morning we hear the turkeys that live behind our fence. Mom says before the fence was built they used to wander thru the yard and even chased the neighbor's cat. In the evening we hear the big old barred owl that lives in the trees behind us. He makes lots of noises and some of them are pretty scary. When he starts yelling we stay close to Mom and Dad. Lately we've had lots of rain so we hear the frogs and toads singing at night. Mom loves froggies and has a huge collection of frog stuff made of glass, metal, cloth, etc.
Yesterday was Save The Frogs Day, but everyday should be. Frogs are important to us. They eat tons of bad bugs that would make us all miserable. We have a little toad house in the yard right near these two toad stools. We started getting so many frogs and toads in the yard that Dad put a big wooden box near the fence and when he lifts the top he sees lots of toads snuggled inside waiting for night when they can go hunting. Mom leaves the back light on for them. It attracts the bugs and makes it easier for the toads to catch them. She tells us to leave the toads and froggies alone.
 We do chase lizards.  Morgan was a champ at catching them and she used to swallow them alive. Mom didn't approve and managed to get a couple of them away from her but Morgan was really fast. Syd has caught several lizards. She plays with them, then rolls on them. I've been trying but I haven't been able to catch one. Those little guys are  quick. Mom say I'm way too slow to catch one but I know I can.
Today I spotted one on the rocks. He went right over there.
I know you're in there.
If I can just stuff my snooter in a couple more inches....
He got away.  Next time I'm going to catch that lizard.
Keep wagging,