Wednesday, December 17, 2014

We Have A Guest

Today is opening day to vote for Fudge. Rob and I were both a bit  displeased with the way the contest is being run. We would have preferred all the photos be displayed at once instead of having to scroll thru. In case you're thinking of voting, he's number 89 Fudge. We also don't like the idea of giving them so much info, but then we can always fib on that. Who would know?
If you're still interested in voting go here. That's a radio station .  Click on the ad for the Subaru spokesdog contest. Scroll down and fill in the form. You can fib if you want. Once you fill it in, it'll ask what dog you want to vote for.  Fudge is #89. You can vote once per email address (I have three) and vote every day thru January 4. If you don't want to go thru all that nonsense, that's OK, too. Fudge is famous in Blogville and that's good enough for him.

Now, back to our guest. We live at the end of dead end street. Unfortunately there are some not very nice people who think it's a good place to leave animals that they don't care about. Last night at last call time Rob took Syd and Mac out front on leash and I took Morgan. Across the street sat a kitten. Syd saw it immediately and started screeching. The cat ran toward us.

While Rob dragged Syd and Mac, barking and screeching back into the house, I picked up the kitten. He was purring loudly. It was very cold here last night, in the 20s and this kitten looked about three months old, not old enough to be out on his own on a cold winter night.
We brought him into the garage, fed him and put him in the puppy carrier overnight. The dogs were out of their minds with excitement. They didn't see him but they sure knew he was there.

This morning we took him by our vet clinic. We hoped someone might want a Christmas kitten, but nobody did. They all held him and weighed him, he weighs 4 pounds and they dosed him with Revolution to get rid of his fleas.
Then we took him to the Humane Society. The lady was very nice but told us they are filled up and have more cats than they do cages to hold them. We explained that we have ten dogs and we can't keep him, so she said to bring him back on Friday morning and she'll make room. She gave us some kitten food and said he's so pretty that he should be adopted quickly.
When we got home, we went to work. Rob set up the crate that Mackey no longer uses. We put it in the garage behind the dog barrier so they can't see him.
We gave him a litter box and some food and water. I even found a couple of plastic balls with bells inside for him to play with. He has a blanket to curl up in and seems fairly content. He'd much rather be sitting on my lap, but for the next couple days, he has a safe home out of the cold.
What is wrong with people to throw away a baby like this on a freezing night. If you don't want a cat, don't get one. If you don't want kittens, get your cat spayed. If you have a cat you don't want for some reason, find it a home where it'll be loved or get a shelter to help you. The same goes for dogs and whatever else. I just don't get people who don't value these little lives.

By the way, I call him Stormy because his coat is the color of a storm cloud and no he's not staying.

Time To Vote

It's here! The big day when we all get to vote is here. In case anyone forgot, I'm running for Subaru Spokesdog 2015.
Here's what you do. go to   or here.
Use key word 'Spokes Dog'
Then you vote for me, Fudge.

There will be lots of other dogs there, but don't be fooled, none of them have my public experience. I'll bet they don't have a blog, OK share a blog, and most of them probably haven't got my dog show experience. All that stuff makes me a perfect candidate for Spokes Dog. Besides that, my Dad drives a Subaru, so I have personal experience with the product.
So don't forget, you can vote every day thru January 4th.

Thanks everybody,
Your pal, Fudge

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday Giving

My dogs always give Rob a Christmas gift that I help them pick out and wrap. This year apparently they chose to give me a gift that I'd like to return.
On Thursday night Morgan got me up twice to go outside. All day Friday she seemed fine. Then Friday night we were up every hour. She had awful diarrhea. Saturday morning I took her temperature and she was running a fever. Off to see the doc who checked her all over and gave us some medicine. When we got home she fell asleep and didn't move all day.

Meanwhile Norma Jean vomited. While Rob was mopping up, she did it again, and again and again. She also started having diarrhea. Oh boy! The clinic was closed by now so I shot off an email to Dr B, who got right back to me and advised how to treat Norma Jean.

Fast forward to Monday. Norma Jean was feeling great and wanted to run and play but mean Mom was restricting her for one more day. Morgan was still on meds and special diet, but around 8 in the evening, she informed me that she was hungry. So I fed her. She ate a full meal and slept well. But, (there's always a but) during the night Bailey woke me twice to go outside. It was too dark to see much, but I'm sure she was having some poop issues.

This morning Morgan is back to normal, eating well and having good stools. Norma Jean is fine. Bailey ate but I'm watching her closely. Dr B called to see how everyone was doing. He feels the younger dogs will shake it off in about 24 hours but Morgan needs to be watched.

I really didn't expect a Christmas present from them and I hope it ends with Bailey.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Planning Ahead

I promise I'm not going to whine in this post. Due to my left hand being out of commission for the season, my crafting projects have fallen behind schedule. I can't finish the knitted gifts so my friends will get a little note telling them to please wait. I had started a Christmas cross stitch and was making fast progress on it. I was determined to finish it, so I did. I had all but the reindeer done, so each evening I've worked on it, one handed. It's slow and awkward but last night I finished it.
I'm looking forward to the time when my hand is fixed and I'm back in business, so I've done a little shopping to keep my spirits up. This is a collar kit. All the black plastic things are fasteners for adjustable collars.
Here's the first ribbon webbing I've ordered. It should make cute springtime collars for a couple girls.
I found this ribbon, but it's too delicate for collars. I'll use it as trim on some sewing projects.
I plan to be ready to sew in time for the hockey playoffs, so I found Bruins ribbon for collars.
Then I found a great sale on some bruin fabric for the dogs. The black is flannel for jackets and the yellow is cotton for bandanas.
Next week I see the doc and I'm really hoping he can do something to fix this mess and let me get back to the doing the things I enjoy.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Life Is Fragile

We humans take so much for granted, but those of us who live with animals know that life is fragile and things can change in an instant. We know our pets have lives that are much too short and that we need to make the most of each day.

This afternoon I was in the kitchen making dog food for Noah and Fudge, an activity we do every four days. I had several dogs hanging around hoping I'd drop something. The others were in the back yard enjoying the first sunshine we've seen in almost two weeks. The four birds were singing and  chattering as they watched the activity.

When I finished chopping and stirring I walked into the living room and sat down to read emails. I heard some strange soft chirping sounds from the bird area and went to see what was going on. Stanley, Calder and Norris were on the top perch making the strange noises and Elwood was lying on the floor of the cage. She had died in the seconds that it took me to walk out of the room.
Rob is cremating her in the chiminea now and the dogs are standing around him, aware that something has happened. The remaining three birds should be fine, they have each other, but it'll take me awhile to stop looking for Elwood when I glance at the cage.

Sometimes they can be annoying or we can be too wound up with our lives to stop and give them attention, but we are so fortunate to be entrusted with these precious lives and must never take them for granted.

Saturday, December 6, 2014


This is it!!  I could be famous!! Today I, Fudge, entered the contest for Subaru  Celebrity Spokesdog for 2015.
Mom and Dad took me and Sebastian to the Subaru place. There were lots of cars there, but Mom wouldn't let us mark any of the tires.
Then a really nice professional photographer lady took my picture. They only allowed one dog per household so Sebastian was our meet and greet dog. He made friends with everybody while I was busy getting my photos done.
Next step is the election. Voting begins on December 17 and ends on January 4. You can vote once a day every day and I'm hoping that all you friends in Blogville will vote for me.
I'll remind you when the time comes to start voting. With your help I can be famous.
Your almost famous friend, Fudge

Friday, December 5, 2014

Almost The Weekend

Hi everybody,
We're all going a little stir crazy around here. The weather has been cold and drizzly all week and today it's raining. That means we all spend most of our time inside looking out the windows. Mackey is trying to get at the little squirrels that are lined up on the window ledge trying to stay dry so Dad has her leashed.

Mom is sort of stir crazy too. There are a lot of things she wants to do before Christmas but her sore hand is stopping her. It hasn't done much for her mood.

One day last week when Mom let us out for our early morning pee, she stopped in the doorway and said, " Look Fudge, the sky is on fire." I didn't know what she was talking about but she ran back inside to get her camera. Here's what it looked like.
We don't have any stuff to show you today because we haven't been doing much. Mom and Dad made our dog food yesterday and Dad just left for the store to get Morgan some food. Now that her thyroid level is back where it should be and the infection in her leg is gone, her appetite is pretty good. She drives Mom crazy though because she doesn't want to eat when everyone else does. When she's hungry she lets us all know by barking non-stop. When you're ancient you can do that kind of stuff.

We hope you all have sunny skies this weekend and get to do all the things you're looking forward to.
Your pal, Fudge