Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Snake That Saved My Sanity

I can hear you thinking " Huh, I think she's lost her sanity", but bear with me and I know you'll understand.

Mackey has a few faults. She's a thief and she's destructive. If I don't stay nearby reminding her to be nice, she'll rip a stuffy apart in seconds. If she's left alone and can't find a toy, she'll rip up a dog bed or a pillow.
 Her worst fault by far is her barking. She barks at everything, real and imagined. Being a small dog, she has a high pitched, extremely annoying bark, the kind that makes you feel your head is about to explode.
 It's annoying when Mac runs to the door barking several times a day. When I look outside, the whole street is quiet, no one in sight. It's annoying when Mac barks if another dog leaves or enters the room.

 But without a doubt, it's not only annoying, but painful when Mac barks going down the stairs to the garage to go outside or to eat. Being in the confined area of the stairs makes her loud, high pitched, staccato barking so aggravating that the other dogs hang back.
I have tried everything I can think of to control the staircase barking. I have scolded, sprayed her with water, leashed her and made loud scary noises. Nothing works.

One day as we headed for the stairs and the noise began I just stopped and looked at her. She looked up at me, then turned and ran to her toybox. She grabbed a toy and came back to the stairs.

The toy she had was this snake. It has three large squeakers and she happily ran down the stairs squeaking as she went. Now you may think that constant squeaking is annoying, but this sounded like a symphony compared to the barking.
For obvious reasons I call the snake Muffler. Now I keep Muffler hanging over the stair rail so I can grab him and toss him to Mac as we go downstairs.

You may wonder why we put up with such an annoying little dog, but Mac is actually very sweet and funny. She's not a touchy feely dog. Even as a little puppy she didn't want to be held and still doesn't ask for petting and cuddling like her sister. But every night at bedtime she gets up on the bed, rolls over and begs for a belly rub. The only time she gets on my lap is when she's frightened by thunder or something she doesn't understand. She also follows me wherever I go around the house. And it's kind of cute that she nose whistles in her sleep.
Oh by the way, we have two Mufflers, because, well  it's Mackey.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Get Happy

Wake up Blogville,
It's finally here, can't you tell? Spring started yesterday afternoon and we're excited. It officially started at 4:58 yesterday and we were all concentrating on dinner, so we didn't pay much attention. Besides it was kind of drizzly yesterday.

But today is sunny and a little warmer and we really took notice of some of the special offerings of Spring.
I observed with my superior senses that there was something living in the rock pile. I sniffed and scratched but the critters wouldn't come out to play.
Then Sydney came over to see what I was doing. Syd doesn't have a lot of patience, so she shoved a couple rocks out of place and dove in. There were two lizards behind the rock and she grabbed them both and ran. She started tossing them around and jumping on them. I ran over to join in, after all I did find them, but Syd doesn't believe in sharing so she growled at me.  She played with the lizards till they stopped moving, then she rolled on them. Finally she walked away and left the lizards on their backs in the dirt.
I saw my chance and ran toward the lizards but Mom got to them first and scooped them into the poop scoop. She says that dogs that roll on lizards can't sit on her lap.

It doesn't seem fair but Spring is just starting and I'm sure I'll find a lizard of my very own soon and I'll roll when Mom isn't looking. Don't you love Spring?
Keep wagging, Mackey Doodle

Sunday, March 10, 2019

No Explanation Necessary

Where gingerbread people come to die.

I killed them!
Any questions?

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Getting Old Stinks!

Friday was a busy day for the Portie Pack. Early in the morning Noah went to spend the day with Dr B and the nice ladies who pamper him. Noah had a major colitis flareup on Wednesday ad I thought we were going to lose him. He's been showing some signs of distress over the past week. His stool has been getting worse and he's walking hunched up, telltale signs that his intestinal tract is painful.
On Wednesday at 3AM he woke me to go out, but before I could get the door open he had a major poop explosion. I shut him on the porch while I cleaned up the floor, then went outside to see the porch was also covered. Once I got him settled, I mopped the hall and cleaned the porch. Then I took him back to bed but an hour later he needed to go out again.

Wednesday was a horrible day. When he wasn't racing to the door, about every hour, he was lying very still in the corner of the room. He wouldn't eat and looked very sick. I called the vet and he suggested bringing him in on Friday morning and leaving him for observation.

On Thursday Noah looked slightly better and ate a little rice cooked with pumpkin. I poured some bone broth over it and he seemed to like it. He didn't poop all day but I think Wednesday he had cleaned out his entire system. Friday came and Noah was actually dancing around the exam room greeting his favorite nurse. He didn't look sick at all. I left him and ran some errands.

Friday afternoon we took Lola and Tess in for their rabies vaccinations. Then Dr B and I had a long (2 hour) discussion on the state of everyone's health. The news isn't as good as I'd like, but not as bad as it could be.

First Noah. Yes he had a major colitis flare. He's also running a fever. One back leg isn't tracking properly and his bad eye is red and dry. So, he's now taking an antibiotic and a steroid for his colitis and we're doubling up on his eye medication. He's eating rice, pumpkin, a little salmon and some bone broth. I'll start gradually adding in some kibble till I get him back to normal meals. He's feeling much better and is having normal stools. His eye is less red. and I'm keeping an eye on the back leg though there isn't really anything we can do about that. It's a nerve problem but doesn't seem to bother him.
Next is Lola. She has a lot going on. First of all, she has masticatory muscle myositis. You may remember that Samba also had that. It's a situation where the body attacks the jaw muscles and eventually will prevent the dog from opening it's mouth. Samba had the acute version which comes with sudden extreme pain. Lola has the chronic version, same disease but more gradual and a little less pain. I've noticed that in the morning Lola can't open her mouth very wide and is slow eating her breakfast. By evening, however, she has worked the muscles enough so that she can open her mouth almost normally. Dr B says she's lost 10 to 15% of her muscle so far and instead of giving her steroids, we're going to try physical therapy.
Lola has something else going on too that we're not sure about. Her coat isn't growing and is quite thin. She's also lame in all four legs. For now we're treating her with melatonin for her coat and Rimadyl for her legs.  Lola has also developed a lick granuloma since Bailey's death. She used to suck on Bailey's ear flap but now she licks and chews on her own toe. It's red and sore so we're putting medicine on it to dry it up. I'm trying to interest her in a toy instead of her foot.

Tess is doing great. She's a big, happy, dumb dog. Even with her crooked front legs, she loves to run and climb. She had her vaccination and was happy to get her treat afterwards.
Then we discussed the others. Mackey is having seizures again after a 14 month seizure free period. The doc gave her a prescription for valium to calm her after her seizures. She'll be visiting him in two weeks for a checkup.
Sydney is also going in two weeks for a thyroid test. It may explain her stubborn weight gain.
We discussed Sebastian's headaches. Dr B has been doing some research on them and says they're like migraines. He suggested increasing Sebastian's daily intake of fish oil and giving him a daily Rimadyl. Sebastian will go in two weeks for a checkup. He needs a dental cleaning and also has a cyst on his eyelid that may need removal.
Then I asked about Norma Jean. She was in to see Dr B a couple weeks ago. Something strange is happening to her face. It's hard to describe but one side of her face is shifting to the side. It looks very strange though it doesn't seem to bother her. Dr B told me that he has no idea what is wrong with Norma Jean's face. He said that in 30 years of practice he's never seen anything like it and doesn't expect to ever see it again. He thinks it's a nerve problem in one side of the face but doesn't know where or why. As long as it doesn't bother her we're just watching it and putting drops in her eyes.
So there you are. I have a house full of geriatric dogs, each with a different health issue. If I thought a house full of puppies was a lot of work, this is much tougher. Fortunately, my dogs are all really good about taking meds and I don't have to fight with them. There's just a lot to keep track of.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Think Spring !

For all of you who are experiencing yet another snowstorm or ice storm or windstorm or flood, Spring really will arrive one of these days.
Till Spring gets here, think warm colorful thoughts.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Waiting @Chewy Influencer

Hi there Blogville,
It's the end of February so I'm doing this review but I really don't have the final results to report to you. Let me explain.

Sebastian is my best dog buddy. He took good care of me when I was a puppy and he taught me how to be a good dog. Well, maybe that didn't work out so well but he tried.
 Sebastian is a very nice and gentle dog. He almost never gets in trouble and never gets punished. But he's not perfect. Sebastian has two faults.

First he's an itchy dog. Mom has tried to help him stop being itchy. She feeds him fishoils and antihistamines and washes him with special shampoo. Nothing seems to help. Sebastian thinks that rolling in the dirt will help but Mom disagrees and thinks it makes things worse.
His second fault is his breath. It's awful! Dad calls him fishbreath even when he hasn't eaten any fish. He won't let Mom brush his teeth. I can't blame him for that. The silly Porties like having their teeth brushed. Noah would like to have his teeth brushed after every biscuit.

This month Chewy offered us some VetriScience Perio Support Everyday Health Dog and Cat Powder Formula to try. It's designed to be used between dental cleanings to promote clean teeth, fresh breath and oral health. It contains zeolites to prevent plaque from forming, cranberry powder to support gum tissues health and probiotics to displace plaque building bacteria. Mom thought it might help Sebastian's breath.
It's a powder that Mom sprinkles on his breakfast.
 He says it tastes wonderful and he licks his bowl clean.
  But does it help?  After the first week Dad said he still detected fishbreath. After the second week the peeps agreed that Sebastian still had awful breath.

Now after the third week Dad said he thought it might be working. So Mom called Sebastian over for a cuddle and she said his breath might be a little better.

We're still waiting to see if this truly helps my friend have better breath. That would make him very happy because he loves giving kisses and he doesn't want to offend anyone.
Sebastian says this Perio Support tastes good and might make his teeth cleaner and his breath sweeter, but it takes a while to work.

Chewy sent us a bottle of VetriScience Perio Support at no cost to us in exchange for our honest review. We just don't know yet how well it works. We're still waiting.
Keep wagging,

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Now Trending

My life has gone to the dogs.
Our back yard can be treacherous for shoes. This time of the year we have lots of mud and at any time of the year it's easy to step on something unpleasant that was overlooked when we did the scooping. So to keep my feet dry and comfy I wear Sloggers in the back yard. If they get messy they can be hosed off easily. My old Sloggers wore out so I recently bought these new ones.
That takes care of the back yard and I'm usually barefoot in the house, but what about a trip to the store or the vet or whatever? No problem, I have new sneakers.
You may be noticing a trend here. Since Tess manages to step on my feet several times a day, it seems only appropriate that I have pawprints on my footwear. I purchased both Sloggers and sneakers from the Animal Rescue Site where they have lots of cute animal themed items. I especially love their jackets and sweatshirts. If you buy a pair of shoes from them, they give a pair to a needy person. Can't beat that.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Our Special Valentine

Today, Valentine's Day is Fudge's 14th birthday.
We miss you so much.
In your honor we're having  sprinkles.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The First Review By Mackeydoo # Chewy Influencers

Woof Blogville,
This is it, my very first solo review and it's for a grrrreat product.
Have you ever had bone broth? Mom first read about the benefits of bone broth on the Wild Dingo blog several years ago. Then she found a few more articles about it popping up online. Finally she saw an article about it on the veterinary newsletter that she gets. The doctor was praising the very good things that bone broth does for us dogs as well as for peeps. There was a good recipe there for making it, so Mom made a big cooker full using the bones from a turkey. It was good.
  We don't get a lot of bones in this house but Mom and Dad do cook big turkeys two or three times a year. Each time they make one Dad cleans the meat of the bones, then Mom has been perfecting her bone broth recipe. She adds tumeric because it's so good for us. She makes big batches and freezes it so that all year she can defrost some to pour over our dinners.

Even with Mom's frozen stash of broth, we sometimes run out. So we  were really happy when Chewy offered us Castor & Pollux Pristine Grain Free, Free Range Turkey Bone Broth Dog Food Topper as a review choice this month.
This comes in a handy pouring box container that can be stored easily in the refrigerator once opened. The ingredients are simple too, turkey broth, turkey fat, salt, organic sage and organic rosemary. That's it, no soy, corn, wheat or gluten, no artificial preservatives or flavors or colors. Just delicious turkey.
Mom poured some on our dinner last night and WOW!!! It was grrrreat. Even Mr Picky Sebastian gobbled it up and licked the bowl clean. Bone broth is good for our joints, our guts and our livers plus it's just a nice thing to have on a cold winter evening. If a doggie is feeling sick and doesn't want to eat, a bowl of warm bone broth might be just the thing to make him feel better.
Castor & Pollux also offers bone broth in chicken, beef or beef with tumeric flavors. We think the beef with tumeric sounds wonderful but Noah can't eat beef, so we'll stick with turkey.  Tell your peeps to try some bone broth on your kibbles. It will make you feel special. Mom will share her recipe if you want and  Chewy can help out of you don't want to make it yourself or if you don't have bones available.

Chewy sent us a big box of Castor& Pollux Pristine Grain Free, Free Range Turkey Bone Broth at no cost to us in exchange for an honest review. I've been honest. This is good stuff and I think you'll like it as much as we do.

Who knew writing reviews could be so exhausting? I need a nap.
Keep wagging, Mackey

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Introducing ME

Woof everybody,
Our dear Fudge dog was our bloggy spokesdog for a long time. He helped Mom on the blog by giving the canine point of view. He especially liked doing reviews. Since he left for the bridge Mom has been thinking about who should help her with the blogging. It wasn't an easy decision, but she has finally handed the job to me, Mackey.
 Let me tell you a little about me so you feel comfortable with my new position. I'm a six year old Beagle and Dachshund mix hound dog. I tend to resemble my Doxy side in my looks but I have some distinct Beagle traits too. I started out being named Mackenzie, but it didn't fit my personality. Dad called me Mackey and Mom called me Doodle so here I am, Mackey Doodle or Mackeydoo.
   My peeps think I bark too much. I absolutely disagree. I only bark when I'm happy or when I'm unhappy or angry.  I bark when I'm hungry or when I want to go outside. I bark when anyone comes to the door or when they might come to the door. I bark at the mailman and the trashman and the delivery people. I bark at cats and birds and other dogs. I bark when the neighbors come home and when they leave again. I bark at my pack mates when they don't do what I want them to.

 Mom calls me "big mouth" and "noisemaker". Dad has a bumper sticker on the car that says "Wag more, Bark less", but I'm a multi-tasker.  Mom's always telling me to be quiet or to shut up.  She sometimes tosses me a ball so I have something to muffle the barks. Maybe I can channel some of my chatter to my blog posts.
I do have a confession to make. I kill stuffies and I'm not sorry. Mom and Dad both remind me to play nicely with the toys but as soon as I feel that fuzzy stuff between my teeth I have to rip them apart and pull out the stuffing. Mom keeps the best toys up high where I can't reach and only lets me play with them when she's supervising.
Sometimes I have seizures. When that happens Mom or Dad sit on the floor and hold me till it's over and I can walk again. The seizures are really scary and I wish they would go away but I know my peeps will take care of me. Afterwards Mom gives me a relaxing pill and something sweet to eat. Then I sleep in a dark room for awhile till my head feels better. I went a whole year without a seizure but recently they started again. My face has gotten very gray since the seizures started.
I'm a really happy dog and my tail wags so much that Mom says it might fly off one of these days. I boss the big dogs around and they never try to get between me and my food. I love to eat, but there are some things I just don't like and nobody can make me eat them. Sebastian is my best friend but sometimes he doesn't want to play and yells at me to leave him alone. My sister Syd will usually play but she plays too rough. She's a little crazy.

   Sometimes Noah will play with me and sometimes he snaps at me to go away. The Portie girls all just ignore me. I miss Fudge, he was like my daddy.
 Dad is my very bestest friend and will always play with me.

So that's me, Mackey. I hope I can do as good a job as Fudge did keeping in touch with everybody in Blogville. It's a big job for a little dog.
 Keep wagging, Mackey