Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saying Goodbye To The Lake

Yesterday was a perfect day for a trip to the lake. It was sunny for the first time all week and there was a breeze and Lola and Bailey had been rained out on their earlier trip.

Morgan, who is a seasoned sailor now, led the way onto the boat.

Splash and Gracie knew exactly where we were going.

Lola and Bailey were both pretty nervous. They didn't know what to do and Lola started to panic when the motor started and we began moving. I tried to reassure her, but she stuck very close to her sister.

Once we got to the swimming cove, all the dogs jumped right in the water. We had to keep a long lead on Bailey because she's my hunter and would have liked to check out the woods instead of swimming. She's never shown any interest in the water, so I was surprised and pleased to see her go right in and start to swim.

Lola was doing so well that I removed her lead and she stayed close by and came whenever I called her.

Traffic jam. Where are you going, Bailey?

Morgan wasted no time in getting into the water and begging for someone to throw a toy for her to retrieve.

Bailey is thinking about the squirrels and rabbits waiting in the woods while she's stuck here on the boat.

Morgan just kept on swimming.

Neither Bailey or Lola would retrieve a toy, but they did swim around with Rob and J. I stayed on the boat because I didn't want to risk twisting my ankle now that it's starting to heal.

Lola quickly learned how to jump on the boat, so she would come check on me, then go back in the water. She seemed to really enjoy it. Morgan had to be lifted onto the boat when she needed a rest and Bailey, my problem child, climbed the ladder, one of her many talents.

My Energizer bunny of dogs, she didn't want to stop.

Time for a little break.

Gracie supervised as Rob opened the treats.

Lola would like a treat, too.

While the humans had lunch, Morgan decided to nap on top of the equipment bag. She was too tired to beg for food.

Splash is a food hound and was ready for us to bring out lunch. He never took his eyes off me as I ate.

After lunch and a quick nap for Morgan, she was ready to swim some more.

Splash bringing his toy to be thrown again.

Meanwhile back on the boat, Bailey had to check and see if we left any crumbs on the table.

Gracie went after the Wubba.

Morgan even raced Splash and won.

Morgan looked exhausted and although she still wanted us to throw the toy, I felt she'd had enough and we loaded up to start for home.

We pulled out of the cove and got into the middle of the lake when the motor died.

We were sitting there wondering what to do next when this fellow came by. He's with the Missouri State Water Patrol. He came up close and we tried to start the motor, but it wouldn't start.

So, he threw us a rope.....

and towed us back to the marina.

All five of these dogs will bark at a stranger approaching, but there was not one sound from any of them as the patrol boat approached us. At one point when he was holding onto our boat, Gracie leaned over and licked his hand. How did they know that we were in trouble and he was helping us?

Back at J's house, we all changed into dry clothes and had some coffee while discussing the events of the day. Bailey raided the toy box and they all raced around the room barking and playing. And what was Morgan doing?

She found a nice comfy place to sleep. We woke her to leave and she slept all the way home. Last night we all went to bed early. The girls were tired from their big day. They even slept late this morning.

We did have one casualty though. I noticed this morning that Lola didn't want to go outside and she was acting nervous. After breakfast Rob and I took them all out again and I saw that Lola's tail was hanging at an odd angle and she seemed to be in pain. On examination I determined that she has a case of swimmer's tail, a sprained tail from overuse in the water. It often happens the first time a dog swims. I have given her something for the pain and in about three days her tail should be waving again.

Late addition: It's now late afternoon. Lola's tail must be feeling better, as she's carrying it about half way up, but Bailey also has swimmer's tail and hers is hanging down looking painful. I have given her something for pain and inflammation and will be watching them carefully. It's tough being an athlete.


Mad about Craft said...

The dogs have had a lot of fun swimming this summer!

LizzieJane said...

Oh what a fun day. The pic's of Morgan made me smile. She really looked exhausted but very happy. It is no surprise that they all slept good that night. I bet Mom and Dad did too.
Hope those little tails heal up soon. Hugs to the gang!

Stella said...

Its good you know about these little quirks like swimmer's tail.

A wonderful day for you and your pups!

But for the Captain of the ship, maybe not so good!


The OP Pack said...

What a great day for all! Hope the tails mend quickly and that the boat is OK too.

woos, the OP Pack

Marjie said...

I didn't know there is such a thing as swimmer's tail. Of course, Thor doesn't go into the water. Glad you had good weather for one more adventure! You would not have wanted to go swimming here today, because it never got to 60. Happy restful sunday!

Sam said...

Poor girls! I've never heard of anything like swimmer's tail before. Very interesting, though I wish it didn't happen to them.

Maggie and Mitch said...

What a fun day you all had and thank goodness help came along when you needed it! We hope the tails are back to normal very soon!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Dianne said...

It looks like it was a fun trip! Except for the motor part, of course. I hope the sore tails heal very soon.

Channon said...

Ouch! Hope those tails are feeling better already. Morgan does love the water, doesn't she?

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

WE loved seeing your swimming adventure - hope that swimmers tail gets better quickly.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

the 4 Bs said...

that swimming adventure looks like so much fun! you doggers really have a good time.

that's so cool that you got rescued in the middle of the lake. we're impressed that you didn't even bark. that was very polite of you.

sorry about your tails. we have never had that.


Heather and Ellie said...

My last pup in training Barrett fell into a pond in the middle of winter and he got cold tail, another way of saying what your dogs got. He was miserable while it lasted (a couple days) because he wagged his tail so often. He would yelp horribly when he accidentally moved it:(

Nichole said...

GREAT pics!!!

Brownie said...

Oh my dog! what fun and what great pictures! I hope everydog's tails get better!

Sue Bridges said...

They are beautiful they look like they had a lot of fun, no wonder they slept late the next day they must keep you really busy!

Tee said...

How interesting! I never knew dogs could develop swimmers tail!

What a great swimming outing. I think dogs are intuitive. They know who's friend or foe.