Friday, January 22, 2010

Smiling on Friday

I missed Thankful Thursday yesterday, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to smile about this week.

I have some before and after shots of Samba's legs.

This was taken a couple weeks ago. She was losing hair and had red sore spots on her skin form the prednisone.

This was taken today. The red spots are gone and hair is starting to grow in. Right now it's fine black peach fuzz (disgusting image) and because her feet are wet, it's hard to see, but trust me, it's there.

The right rear foot a couple weeks ago.

The same foot today. As you can see she continued to lose hair and had rather naked feet, legs and tail for awhile, but she's going to have fuzzy feet again by summer. I'm sure of it.

This is the best thing ever. She chases her ball and picks it up to bring back to me. This ball is larger than a tennis ball, so she has to open her mouth pretty wide to pick it up.

Although she seems to be carrying the ball more on one side of her mouth, it's actually the more damaged side on which she's holding it. Not only can she carry the ball now, but she can catch it. This is huge, because at the end of November she couldn't open her mouth wide enough to pick it up.
Had the disease progressed, she wouldn't be able to open her mouth enough to eat and would have needed to be fed paste like substances with a syringe.

I have found a support group of others whose dogs have MMM. We offer each other information, advice and most importantly, hope. They feel that Samba is doing well and I appreciate their feedback.

Samba puts her head in my lap and says 'Don't worry Mom, I feel good and I'm going to get even better." This dog never fails to make me smile. What a trooper.


LizzieJane said...

What a lovely pair of legs you have Samba!. I am so very happy Sue that she has gotten better. I had never heard of the disease that she has. I do learn so much from your wonderful blog postings.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Nicki said...

That's great!

The OP Pack said...

Nice to see such a good and optimistic report on Samba. Keep it going, Samba.

Happy Friday, Phantom and Thunder

Nichole said...

Oh that last pic is just precious! Glad to hear the girl is on the mend!

bbes tribe said...

Great News!!!! So glad Samba is doing better. Good thing she has you and all the others in the support group to help her. She is a very lucky girl. Definitely something to be thankful for.
Never had heard of the disease before you posted about it.
Thanks for the info.
Ernie, Sasha, & Chica

Marjie said...

What a nice girl!

Stella said...

What a sweet story, Samba! That last photo is priceless.

I am so happy you found a good support group, that means so much to be able to tell them and listen to their side.

Is this a forever disease or might it eventually leave? Either way, you are doing a great job with it.

Jo and Stella

Scrabblequeen said...

Who would have ever thought we'd be so happy to see a dog with a ball in it's mouth. Good news.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

So glad to hear that Samba is healing - her sweet eyes remind me of Lilly's.

Channon said...

Go, Samba, go! What a beautiful shot of her running with that big ball. I'm so happy for you!

Sam said...

What a good girl, Samba! You really ARE a trooper. I think you're right - she's going to be good as new by the summer!

Dianne said...

The photos with the ball in her mouth got me all choked up. Wonderful, wonderful news!

gaylen said...

Oh Samba honey - you could be a leg model. I missed Thankful Thursday but also have a healthy pup!


Martha and Bailey said...

Wonderful new of Samba - nice when the medications do the trick.
We loved the happy shot of Samba running with her ball.

GoldenTracks said...

Sue, Samba DOES look better!Yippee!!!
Listen to her, Mama. Don't worry; she is going to be alright. If you don't believe it, ask her :-)

Scout and Freyja said...

Poor baby! So happy that you are finally getting some help with all of the boo-boos.

Maggie and Mitch said...

This is wonderful news, Samba! Your fur will come back - don't worry! You are a beautiful girl!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Tee said...

Hello Sue,

Glad to hear that Samba is getting better. I have never heard of the disease that she has but your blogs have been very informative.

Hope all is well with the rest of the pack.