Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Popular Girl

Several of my dogs have a favorite toy. Fudge has a leopard, Sky has a turtle, Lola has a bunny and Sebastian has a duck, but Bailey has a whole group of friends and she has one with her most of the time.
You all know Old Monkey. He was Bailey's first love and though he's in retirement now, he still sleeps in her crate with her every night. He was a naughty monkey when he was younger and that may be why he was destuffed, as punishment.

Now New Monkey is in Bailey's life and gets to go outside to play on a regular basis. Although he's one of Bailey's favorites, he'll ever really replace Old Monkey in her heart.
The new special friend that goes with Bailey most often is Bear. It's a shame that he's light pink because it means that he gets frequent baths, but while he's drying, bailey has lots of other friends to keep her company.

There is Duck, who often goes outside when Bailey wants to run with her sisters. He's quite compact without long legs hanging to trip over.

When Duck isn't available, Bird usually is. Bird is becoming more popular lately for some reason that only Bailey understands.

You have all heard of Flat Stanley. Well, this is Flat Puppy. He used to be a more normal looking puppy until one night last winter instead of sleeping, Bailey destuffed Puppy. It's OK though because she still loves him and often carries him around.

Another friend that is just starting to make trips outside to play is Big Ted. Big Ted is a little heavier that the other friends and only goes out when Bailey feels like lying under a tree. He's much too big to run around the yard with him in her mouth.
Bailey also has a fish that always stays in her crate. I don't know why he doesn't go out to play , that's Bailey's decision. I would have called this creature Fish or Charlie, but she came with a name embroidered on her tail. Her name is Ethel.

Bailey likes to have her friends in her crate with her when she sleeps. If we forget to toss at least one or two in, she'll bark till we bring them. When Tsar was with us, he sometimes would babysit Bailey's toys. She'd put them close to him as he sat on the hill and he'd watch them till she came back for them. Once or twice he beat Monkey up, but never when Bailey was watching.
Yesterday Sebastian encountered the wrath of Bailey. She had settled Bear under a tree and walked away to see what Norma Jean was doing. Sebastian, seeing Bear on his own, decided to pick him up and play with him. Unfortunately, Bailey saw this and came flying at him snarling and snapping to defend her friend. Norma Jean was right behind her and both girls pitched into poor unsuspecting Sebastian. He quickly dropped Bear and came running to me. Bailey grabbed Bear and carried him inside, still very annoyed with Sebastian. I feel sure he won't make that mistake again.


scotsmad said...

It's always the eyes first...

Poor Sebastian what a lesson to learn..all those snarling girls ganging up on him.

Just keep that denim puppy out of harms way...just sayin'.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Casey said...

Wow, what an extensive play life her toys have! I always have a toy in my crate too, and I love playing with them inside. But Momma doesn't let me take them outside. There are some toys that live outside because Momma says they're not skeered of the dark.

gMarie said...

Oh what a funny girl Miss Bailey is. I love her toys and how she treats them. Sorry Sebastian got her wrath. g

Mr. Pip said...

Would you believe I have that very same duck!!!! He's just my size. All your friends look very nice!

Your pal, Pip

Ruby said...

Yes, I agree, Keep denim puppy out of Bailey's reach! BOL I think Sebastian has learned his lesson! Bailey you are my hero, ya know. Your Moms does surgery on your destuffed Ma just usually gives them the trash burial. I have to be more selective on my destuffin' projects. Your so lucky!



Sally Ann and Andy said...

Wow, we have lots of tennis balls here, and we have mr. frog. Mr. Frog has only one arm now, and we pulled out the other one. Mr. Frog is still fun though.
Sally Ann and Andy

Mango said...

Poor Sebastian. I suppose when something belongs to Bailey it is off limits at all times. What a bossy gal.


rottrover said...

We have only one stuffy - Mr. Lobster. Ruby shares him with me, but she won't share her wubba!!


SissySees said...

I had no idea how many toys were outside until I raced into the pen to see what Gretchen was barking at in a strange voice... a small limb. Sigh. It's her birthday...

Gretchen and Mugsy both abandon(ed) toys once they are exposed to the outside. If it goes out and is brought back in without incident on the same day/trip out, it's all good. But if it stays outside unattended, it becomes an outside toy.

Sissy isn't much on stuffies. She does love those talking "I love you" hearts, but that's about it.

Sam said...

Poor Sebastian! Monty is very toy oriented, and does some of the same things. Sam keeps his toys in the craft room, which is a Monty-free zone in our house.


Two French Bulldogs said...

we have blind stuffies too
Benny & Lily

Kari in Vegas said...

Stuffies don't live long enough to become popular at our house

Stop on by for a visit

Mitch and Molly said...

We have a duckie just like yours!
Maybe Sebastian needs his very own stuffie just for him!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Nichole said...

Poor Sebastian... feeling the wrath of those girls! lol
I love seeing Bailey's little gang!

Marjie said...

I love stories of Bailey and her toys. But poor Sebastian! She could at least have explained the rules to him before she recruited her sister to beat him up. I'm sure Sebastian just thought he was helping old Bear out by giving him a workout.

soulbrush said...

This post is fascinating- i suppose I though they all shared the whole lot of toys- I didn't ever imagine they each had a favourite one, how precious is that? Snuffles has a toy in her crate- but she never takes it out- an orange bunny- which she has had since birth 11 years...LOL It's just 'there' and I guess she knows it is...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the excellent posts!