Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ebay Treasures

I love Ebay! I think I've stated that before, but it's true. I can lose hours looking at unique items on that site. I've even made a few friends on Ebay, people I check in with frequently to watch their listings, or in the case of Michelle Toland, someone I've worked with to create one of a kind Portie sculptures.

A couple weeks ago Michelle contacted me and told me about some pieces that had become available. She had sold them originally to a woman who collected sculptures of many breeds. When she died recently, a relative was selling off her collection on Ebay. The seller wasn't a dog person and didn't recognize the various breeds and listed them all as Scotties. Apparently Scotties were the only dog she was familiar with, and obviously not all that familiar.

I checked out the site and there were several Airedales with bids on them, a couple Scotties with bids on them, but there were no bids on the two pieces I wanted most. So I bid a ridiculously low price and they arrived today.

This one of two Kerry Blue Terriers on a table is in perfect condition.
And here is my big prize, two Porties playing on a bench. This is also a picture frame piece and will fit in great with the rest of my collection.
I love Ebay!


Casey said...

What neat sculptures!

Sam and Pippen said...

We don't let mom go on there any more... it just means less treats for us if we do!

We do luvs those sculptures though.

Sam and Pippen

Mitch and Molly said...

Our mom loves ebay too and she especially loves to see anything Airedale that's handmade. She says that's the best!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

scotsmad said...

What great finds!

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Jo's World said...

Both cute buys, Sue! I used to shop for yarn because they always had lots of 100% wool, but I sort of question some of it today.

How is Ms Samba today?


Ruby said...

Wows, what great finds!
I'm on the same page as Sam and Pippen....the more EBay Ma does, the less Mad Money for Moi!
Gotta watch that woman!



Marjie said...

That bench piece is just plain adorable! Isn't it great to find things you love at bargain prices!

Nichole said...

Great finds - esp the bench piece! So cute! I just packaged up 3 more lots of yarn sold this week and listed some more... I too love eBay! :)

SissySees said...

I love it!! The Knight is my eBay resource. He buys an awful lot of stuff on there...