Friday, January 15, 2016

I Went Shopping!!!!

Guess what we did today.... We went shopping and it was the bestest thing in the world. 
 It all started a few days ago when Dr B told Mom and Dad that Mackey should start wearing a harness. That was Ok because a couple years ago Mom scored a great find on Ebay. She got a box of harnesses and collars and leashes  from a store going out of business. There were about 20 harnesses, all different sizes and colors. So yesterday Mom and Dad took Mackey onto the porch and tried harnesses on her. Would you believe there wasn't one that fit her? You see Mackey is shaped kind of oddly. She's a little short girl but she's got a big chest. The little sizes wouldn't go around her chest and the big sizes were too big for her neck and tummy.
 Today Dad said "let's take Mackey to try on harnesses." Mom thought Mackey would be more comfortable in the store if I went with her because I'm her big brother and she trusts me. Mackey was afraid when we got to the store and didn't want to go near the nice store lady, but I went up and gave the lady a kiss.
 The store lady said Mackey would probably do best with a bra type harness. Cool!  Mom handed my leash to the lady and bent down to put the harness on Mackey. It needed an adjustment so Mom handed it to the store lady. After the adjustment she put it back on Mackey and it fit, so Mackey got her training bra.
 All three peeps were admiring Mackey and her bra and nobody was paying any attention to me, so I decided to do some shopping. I walked around the store a little and boy, it's a great store. It has food and toys and then I found the treat section. There was a basket full of little containers of liver treats just like the ones in Dr B's office. I picked one up and started for the door. Suddenly I heard Mom calling me and she came running to grab my leash. She took the container of liver treats away and the store lady put them back in the basket.
 OK, there was a basket of pig ears there and I started sorting thru them to find the one I wanted, but Mom said NO and pulled me away.
 I dragged Mom over to a pile of these things and licked one, but she said no to those too. 
 Then I spotted a rack with bags of treats. All different flavors. I sniffed them till I found some that I thought would taste good, but again Mom said NO.
 Heck, what kind of a shopping trip is this anyway? 

Mom and Dad put us in the car and we went to another store, but this time Mom got out and went in by herself. I could smell McDonalds nearby and gave Dad a nudge and rolled my eyes in that direction, but he didn't take the hint. Instead we waited for Mom. When she came out she had two big boxes of biscuits and put them in the back of the car. Then we went home.
 It's good, we have a big supply of fresh biscuits now, but tonight I think I'll dream of those liver treats that were almost mine.



Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

The liver treats that got away! So UNFAIR!!! Glad Mackey got her training bra....bwahaahaa!

Casey said...

DAWG!! You were SO close.

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

We can't believe you didn't get the treats, and after having to wear a bra harness in public.

rottrover said...

It can be SO frustrating going into the doggie store!! My angel sister Allie once stole one of those GIANT cookies and the lady let her kep it. I'm usually just very polite because I think I'm in heaven.


Wyatt said...

Why do the folks say "NO" to everything we like?!?!
C'mon, we see them eating all kinds of junk food!!


Amber DaWeenie said...

Well...that wasn't much fun! What is a shopping trip if you can't do anything but sniff? Just sayin!

Mitch and Molly said...

Moms can be so finicky about the treats they buy for us. At least you got biscuits!

SissySees said...

Please tell us more about this bra type harness. We're having trouble fitting both girls of late.

Marjie said...

Sebastian, don't tell me you forgot to bring anything to barter for those liver treats! You should have had close! I'm glad Mom took you along to reassure Mac; you're a great brother. Enjoy the snow that is supposedly coming your way.

Nichole Burke said...

Oh Sebastian. We can't believe Mama wouldn't let you get all those fancy treats... esp that tub of liver treats. Obviously you knew good stuff when you saw it! :)