Friday, May 20, 2016

Muffy Day

Today is Muffy Day here at our house. Just what is Muffy you ask? Muffy is a special doggy food recipe that Dr B came up with for dogs with sick tummies. He called it Muffy because he originally came up with it for a six year old Cocker Spaniel named Muffy, who couldn't eat any regular dog foods. Muffy had IBS and was really sick till he started eating this food. Then the little guy lived to be 18 years old eating Muffy food all those years.

When Noah and I were left with sick tummies after the crypto, Dr B and Mom decided to try us on Muffy and it worked. I felt lots better and Noah started gaining back some of the weight he'd lost. At first that's all we ate, but gradually Mom started adding a little kibble in with it. Now I eat kibble and canned food, but Noah still eats Muffy, sometimes with kibble and sometimes by itself.
Then Mom started feeding it to Sebastian too. At first they thought he had pancreatitis, but tests showed he didn't. Instead he has something called IBS. He takes medicine every day and he eats Muffy mixed with his kibble. This morning Sebastian got sick, so Mom is increasing his medicine a little and tonight he'll just get Muffy for dinner.
We all love Muffy Day because Mom and Dad chop veggies and they give us little pieces to sample. We all like the sweet potatoes and most of us like the carrots. Miss Picky Mackey doesn't like raw carrots so she gives hers to one of us.

Today Mom is trying something new. Besides the ground turkey, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas and barley, she's adding some  chopped apple to the Muffy. She noticed that lots of commercial dog foods have apples, so she thought we'd like a little extra sweetness in ours. 
Dad gets the veggies and apples ready.  He peels the sweet potatoes and cuts them and the carrots into big pieces. He cored the apples because as good as apples are for us, the seeds contain cyanide and that's not good. Dad made sure no seeds got into the Muffy.
Then Mom puts them in her chopper to make them really little pieces.  She puts everything into the big pot with plenty of water and brings it to a boil. Then she turns the heat down and it all steams for lots of hours till it's soft and delicious.
Sebastian won't miss his kibble tonight because he'll really enjoy a bowl of freshly made Muffy. His tummy will feel better, too.
Your pal, Fudge


Molly and Mackie said...

yummmmmm - Muffy sure looks good to us and it's a miracle worker and that's an excellent thing!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Wow that looks really healthy. Yummy
Lily & Edward

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song said...

Oh boy. All that looks so good. Mom!

Ruby said...

OMD!!!! That looks DELISH!!!! Though...I have to admit, when I read 'MUFFY DAY' I thoughts you were servin' muffins....with sprinkles...and icing....☺
Butts, this sounds FABulous!!! You knows I could have used this last weekend when I had, wells, you know...Butts Ma doesn't cook on the stove much, mostly the oven and the microwave,because we don't have a vent fan over the stove and the whole house can really stink up fast! BOL! So, can I come overs for some Muffy?? I promise not to eat toooo much...BOL! okays, that was a lie! BOL!!!
I am sooo glads you guys are feelin' betters! tummy troubles are no funs at all!
Ruby ♥

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

That Muffy look scrumptious. Maybe you'd better keep 'playing' sickies so you can get it all the time!

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

Phod thinks there are too many veggies in that. Enjoy your muffy food day!

Marjie said...

Sounds like a great dinner, but I see the peas in that last picture. Thor would have spit those on the floor. How such a big mouth could taste such a little food is beyond me! Happy Muffy Day, you guys!

Nichole Burke said...

Hope your tummy feels better soon Sebastian!