Thursday, January 5, 2017


Yesterday we saw a post of the Lapdogs, Tut, Sophie and Penny, playing in the snow. We asked if we could come play with them. But this morning when we woke up, we discovered that they had shared their snow with us.
We have enough on the ground to play in and it's still coming down. Mackey seemed a little confused at first.
Then she and Syd got together and decided it was a good thing.
Syd and Lola thought they should clear off the pool, but they gave up on that idea.
There was lots of  playing  and we had a great time.
  Mom was pleased with all the happy snow faces.
 But I think I had the very best time of all.
 Nothing like a good roll in the fresh snow.
Thanks Lapdogs, it was nice of you to share your snow with us.


Two French Bulldogs said...

You got to love that snow. It's so much fun to play in
Lily & Edward

Sammy Sam said...

Hey Sue and Portie family - we also sent you some snow with a little ice. It's been a bit chilly up here. We've had snow lying around since before Christmas. The daily high temperature has hovered close to freezing, the residential streets in the city are all covered in thick sheets of ice but the main streets are in great shape. But there's more snow in the forecast starting tonight so who knows how much more will fall. So you're all welcome to come on up. Yes we have extra treats for all. Canadian beer if Rob wants that. Dinner's at 6 or 7.

Molly and Mackie said...

You lucky dogs! We want snow too!

Marjie said...

Snow for your birthday, just a day late! Hooray! I love the snow faces, too.

Ruby said...

I WANTS SOME!!!!!! though, I thinks it's just a pipe-dream for me hasn't snowed here in 40 years.....sigh. And, the HUGE storm we're gettin is from Hawaii, so no joy there.....sigh. hey waits...if I take the bus, I could be there in two shakes of a squirrels tail!!! I'll bring the margarita mix!!!
Ruby ♥

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

There really is nothing like the fresh snow, and watching our pups have fun in it, is lots of fun too!! I think it was just for Sebastian's (belated) birthday! :-)

rottrover said...

Yu all look like you're having a fabulous time!!

-Otto and Osa

Casey said...

Oh wow, that looks like fun! It's super-cold here, but no snow!

Nichole Burke said...

You guys sure look like you had a blast in the snow! We'd love to play with you all sometime.