Thursday, June 29, 2017

Something Yummy - # Chewy Influencer

Hi Everybody,
You all know that I've been on a strict diet for a few months. Believe me, diets stink! I was perfectly happy before except that my back hurt sometimes and it was hard to stand up after a nap. Dr B told Mom that I was too fat and she decided I should diet. I still don't know why.
But now the diet is over. I lost ten pounds and guess what.... my back doesn't hurt anymore. I still have to take my arthritis medicine but it makes me feel good, so that's OK.

Mom says that I was such a good sport about sticking to my diet that I could be the tester for the next Chewy review. It's a good one.

Chewy sent us this Natural Balance Duck and Turkey Formula Dog Food Roll . It looks like a big sausage.
 This is made with duck, turkey, chicken liver and other good things like cranberries and apples. Mom says that what isn't in it is important too. There's no corn, soy, wheat or artificial colors or flavors.

 Mom cut the roll into slices, then she broke a couple slices up on my dinner. I was the only one who got to try it and oh dog, it was so good. After starving for months, this just gave me a warm, happy feeling in my tummy.
The next day Sebastian and I each got some with our dinner and tonight the others will all have some.
 Mom says to tell you that it can also be cut into pieces to use as treats or for training. She says it's easy to cut. She stores it in a little container in the fridge.
If you don't like duck and turkey, it also comes in beef, lamb and chicken formulas. Chewy sent us this Duck and Turkey Food Roll at no cost to the peeps in exchange for our honest review. Take it from me, Fudge, this stuff tastes really great.

Your pal, Fudge


Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Congratulations on doing so well on the dreaded DIET! That sounds VERY yummy. We think that should go on your Chewy list!

Molly the Airedale said...

That is awesome that you lost the weight and your back feels great, Fudge! Thr foodable roll looks sooooooo yummy! Great idea cutting it into training treats!

Marjie said...

I'm glad Mom and Dr. B have stopped calling you names. Fat! Hah! Glad your back is doing better, though, and it was wonderful of Chewy to celebrate by sending you such a delicious sample.

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

We're glad that your slim fast diet program helped you lose 10 pounds. Gosh 10 pounds could be a whole dog. My brother Owen is getting his back lasered so that it doesn't hurt. He has a couple of disks that are causing him some discomfort. The vet says that they are not likely to rupture, so that's good. I hope that all is well down your way.