Thursday, May 15, 2008

And it rained, and it rained, and it rained

When we lived in Maryland we had our yard certified by the State of Maryland and the National Wildlife Foundation as a backyard habitat. You have to submit lists of plantings and pictures to show that you supply four fundamentals for wildlife to exist, food, water, cover and a place to bear their young. When we moved to Missouri we worked on our yard and had it certified by the NWF. I don't know of a similar program in this state. We enjoy watching the deer, rabbits, turkeys and songbirds that share our property with us. I never tire of watching mother birds feeding their demanding chicks or seeing the birds splashing happily in the birdbath.

It has been raining for weeks. This is the wettest year since we've lived here, but as we've had droughts each year, I'm not complaining. Being water dogs, the pups don't mind running out in the rain several times a day, but the house smells like wet dogs most of the time.

Last weekend we had some sunshine for a change and we all went out to play and check on the garden. Last year the pups trampled my garden and what they didn't run over, they tried to pull out. I didn't think I'd see anything come up this year, but I was wrong. The butterfly garden is getting a late start and doesn't look like much yet, but the rock garden is coming to life.

Here is a bleeding heart that lives in a cage in the rock garden to keep it safe from the dogs and to keep the dogs safe from it.

My friend, Sue, gave me these pretty bird feeders for Christmas and I decided to hang them together in the crabapple tree closest to the house so I could watch the birds from the deck.

These bushes are a favorite place for the pups to rest under, after a good hard run.

After so much rain, all the dogs were happy to get outside to run and play. Here are the girls running with Dad.

Checking out the yard and having a roll in the grass.

If you check the shadows you'll see there are two dogs here. Noah is directly behind Sky. Lots of legs and flapping ears.

Noah and Tsar playing together.

Sky with his glowball.

Noah and Sky play a game of 'chase me'.

Morgan finds a good stick to chew.

Not to be outdone, Lola finds a stick, too.

Play ball with us.

Tsar hunts for moles.

Then the rain started again and we all went inside to wait for the next sunny day to play in the yard again.

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