Thursday, May 22, 2008

Making a Splash

We've had several warm sunny days and the flowers are blooming. Another sign of warm weather is the Water Dogs are thinking about water. Here's Sky daydreaming about water.

The hedge of Pyracantha is in bloom. It looks like we'll have a good crop of berries in the fall.

The pups used to have a blue plastic wading pool that they liked to splash in. Last fall the wind caught it and blew it down the hill. It landed upside down. The next morning the girls found it and tap danced on top of it, putting some pretty big cracks in it. It wouldn't hold water anymore and we threw it out.


Sky and Noah


This morning after everyone had breakfast, Rob and I went out to find a new wading pool. The plastic kiddie pools were so thin that they would never survive eight fifty pound dogs jumping around in them. We went to the farm store and found a 50 gallon container meant as a feeder for livestock. We also got a revolving sprinkler with three arms that shoot three streams of water around in circles.

When we got home Morgan had a surprise for us. We had left her with Lucy in the garage. They had toys and treats and no good reason to get into trouble, but they had found a half full bag of bird seed, about ten pounds and had a pillow fight with the bag. The remains of the bag was shredded and the bird seed was all over their half of the garage. It must have been lots of fun. Sweeping it up was not so much fun.

After cleaning up the bird seed, we filled the new pool and set up the sprinkler. Then we let the pups out.

Norma Jean

Norma Jean and Tess

Norma Jean



Notice how muddy the water is by now.


Then Mom and Dad got into the fun. Fudge was looking for fish.

The sprinkler was less popular. They enjoyed chasing the streams of water, but didn't like the water sneaking up behind them. They'll get used to it.

The End

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Nicki said...

Legend LOVES our baby pool-she should come play with the water dogs!