Monday, July 8, 2013

Things That Go Bump In The Night

I'm in a bad mood. Some of you may not want to read this but since it's my blog I guess I can say what I think and get it off my chest.

Rob and I both love fireworks. When we were first married we always went to the public display on the 4th. Then one year things went very wrong. Some of the fireworks, put on by professionals, landed on the roof of a building and started a fire. Since then we stay home and watch the fireworks in Boston on television.

Most cities and towns across the country have public firework displays on the 4th and I think it's wonderful for families to go and enjoy them but fireworks can be dangerous. This year in California 28 people were injured when the public display went out of control.

Fireworks in the hands of untrained people, especially those who have been drinking or children, are not only a danger to them but to everyone around them.  We had a totally terrible weekend because of people with no concern for others.

With ten dogs we were prepared for a rough 4th, but here the neighbors started shooting them on Wednesday and continued thru last night. We'll probably hear more tonight. Sydney and Mackenzie are now both afraid to go outside after dark. They'll run to the door to let us know they need to go out, but when we open the door, if it's dark they run back inside and hide. Our house training has been set back days and maybe weeks.

Sebastian not only won't go out after dark but he's having a flare up of his pancreatitis which I know is caused by his fear of the noise that continues for hours every night.

Norma Jean, who has never been afraid of anything in her life, now doesn't want t go outside after dark and doesn't want to sleep in her crate. She's afraid to be alone. I feel like we're living in a war zone.

Yes we live in a free country, but what about my rights? Why do I have to lie awake at night listening to your loud noises and worry about my dogs who are whining and whimpering from fear? Why do I have to ask you not to shoot your fireworks toward my roof? Why do I have to pick your debris out of my yard? Why do you have more rights than I do?


Barbara said...

I'm with you, sister.

Our town decided last year to allow safe and sane again, and I'm dying over here. I think it should be illegal to shoot them off on any day but the 4th. I'm so tired of saying "it's okay, it's okay" to the dogs.

And I agree, what about our rights to silence?

Jan said...

I totally agree. We had a grass fire in the neighborhood this year. I can understand the civic fireworks that start and then stop, but this all night nonsense is ridiculous.

Susie and Sidebite said...

Yeap, my puppers don't like them. I always when younger just did the them on the 4th, never thought about doing it for days. Now with my puppers it gets annoying night after night. The majority of people don't care, cause it's all about them, ONLY. OK done yelling

The Mad scots

SissySees said...

I'm TOTALLY with you, Sue. The Knight and I used to love watching fireworks, and he was a licensed pyrotechnician for a few years even. But then... our locality seemed to stop enforcing our no fireworks laws. You don't need to hear my firefighter/medic WAR stories, because the injuries and damage caused really are as close to war as I hope to ever get.

Add in Gretchen Greer and her own anxieties, and ... if I *EVER* see or hear a firework again, it might be too soon.

Did I mention some moron was "popping" in broad daylight on Friday afternoon? Joy.

Tammy said...

I used to like it when I was a kid, but now I could care less. It's certainly not my thing. Living rural we get to hear them often and through most of July--however I doubt they are as concentrated as they would be in the city. The big fear here is some idiot driving by and shooting off fireworks and setting the country on fire. So far my girls aren't frightened of them but bark at the ones in the distance. (again, none of my close neighbors have been shooting them off.) I sure feel for you, and can imagine why you are upset and frustrated. Poor dogs and their humans too. I wonder if Sebastian ran during fireworks last year and got lost... So many dogs are lost now because of the fireworks. It makes me sick and nobody is safe--one dog jumped through a screen and ran away.


scotsmad said...

Idiots always think they're entitled to do what they concern for anyone. We're with you.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Mr. Pip said...

I feel your pain. Pip is not afraid of fireworks, but they make me very nervous. Hope you have heard the last of them for this year.

Life with Wrigs said...

Sue, I am so sorry to hear that your dogs have been so terrorized by the fireworks. Poor pups! It's terrible that Sebastian is having a pancreatitis attack from the stress!

I agree with you 100 percent. I'm so sick of thoughtless people who inflict stuff like this on others without any regard for the consequences.

Thankfully, no fireworks are allowed in our town. There was a public display on the Fourth in another town about 8 miles down the mountain from us, but that was it.

I hope you have a peaceful night. If not, can you call the police and report it as disturbing the peace?

Susan and Wrigs

ElleC said...

It is ridiculous what you have had to go through this weekend, I know I'm in a different country and so really am not entitled to an opinion about your laws, but some rights really should be called priviledges, and priviledges can be revoked.

You can't imagine how grateful I am that fireworks are only allowed in my city with a license from the fire chief. Apparently not many get given out, because I have only heard fireworks once. Mind you I live in an area where fires are prevalent in the summer. Ten years ago we lost over 300 homes to a wildfire, so we are cautious here.

Would you like me to send you some of Barney's valium? 8-) I'm sure he wouldn't mind sharing.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Mom blasts our TV so loud, not only are we ok cause we can't hear the boomers, we are all hard-of-hearing for 2 days
Benny & Lily

Jo's World said...

Our 4th Night was probably the worst we have ever had for Stella.
I wish they would take the fireworks far, far away. About the time I think it is over, I can see Stella hearing more. Saddens me so.


gMarie said...

I think you are right on the money. People get to close, parents don't use a whole lot of brain power. Seriously - who gives a sparkler to a kid? Yea, I was that mom - my kids were not allowed to hold a 12" stick with flaming hot sparks flying off it - ever.

Our neighbors started setting off the bangs on the Friday before and I think I still heard some going last night. I can think of better ways to 'burn my money up'. Beau used to be terrified of them, but he's getting better and Abby has never cared.

I'm so sorry that the little girls are now terrified of the dark as are Sebastian and Norma Jean. g

Nanina dOnofrio said...

I agree! This last time the fireworks started on Wednesday and ended Sunday night. A neighbor's dog slipped out on Thursday and hasn't been seen since. I'm with Barbara, they should be illegal except for the 4th and NO private fireworks in backyards ever.

parlance said...

I'm so glad I live in a country where it is illegal to set off fireworks as a private person.

Nichole Burke said...

I'm with you on this soap box Sue! Same here - where everything under the sun is legal in NH. They started Tuesday and went thru late Sunday here... at all hours of the night! People who have ZERO right to hold a sparkler, no less set off bombs (because that's truly what they are) around my home!
We were on our way home on the 4th from racing and I nearly had a heart attack as we were driving on a main road and some IDIOT had one of the BIG boomers go off right there on the ground - right in front of his house/on the side of the road. Clearly a misfire and thankfully it didn't shoot sideways because it would have hit me straight on.

Marjie said...

I am fortunate in that, so far, Brutus seems to be undisturbed by loud noises. That said, there aren't really any fireworks set off here other than on the 4th. So we're fortunate there, too.

And we've been having potty training difficulties, so I hired a dog teacher to come here and help me figure out how to train Brutus. He just came yesterday, so we've only been working on his techniques for about 24 hours, but I am optimistic. On the bright side, using his techniques, we've got Brutus to where he doesn't freak out if we put a leash on him, because this guy says we need to leash him to potty train until such time as he's dependable. And the boys are off to buy Brutus a bell that he can ring to go outside. This might be a little weird, but I'm game for anything to make my life easier.

I'm sorry you're so stressed, and I hope the Pack settles down again soon.

Dexter said...

Personally, I never understood the thrill of setting off your own fireworks (now a real professional display, that's fun). I hate even considering making laws that try to make people be less stupid. Ish. OK, some poppers on the 4th, but starting the day before, come on.

Mango Momma