Sunday, July 28, 2013

Travels With Fudge

Hi Everybody,
Mom says I have to give the blog back to her soon, but I wanted to take you on a little trip with me today. Mom was telling me about a book called Travels With Charley by a man named John Steinbeck. 
Mr Steinbeck and his poodley dog Charley drove all around the country seeing the sights and Mr Steinbeck wrote a book about it and made lots of money. Mom asked me why I don't start making some money. I think she'd like to shop on Ebay some more.
So today I'm taking you on a trip to the library. We don't have to go very far. Come on I'll show you. First get yourself one of these...
and one of these. Mom says you can't eat or drink at the big library, but at ours you can.
First we have to climb a few stairs.
There's a gate here that Mom or Dad has to open. Entrance to the library is by invitation only. Samba chewed up a couple of Mom's books and that didn't go over well. Syd and Mac are too busy to go to the library. Mom says we have to be very quiet and lie down in there.
Once we get past the gate, it's there. It's red because Dad bought the wrong color paint, but it's OK, we all like it red. There are a couple of big comfy chairs in there and a window seat too. There's a table for writing or doing a puzzle and there are lots of books.
Mom still needs to organize them into categories but these are some of her Dickens books. She has a lot of them and even has them on her Kindle.
Dad was afraid that Mom's books would fill the shelves but we still have some spaces open for new additions.
Not all the books are there. The cookbooks are in the kitchen because that's where we cook.
Mom's craft books are in the office/studio because that's where she keeps her craft supplies.
When Mom reads a book she uses a thingy called a bookmark to tell her where to start reading. She used to use these cardboard strips for bookmarks but I liked to pull them out of the book and chew on them. So she stopped using them and got some pretty bookmarkers like these.
Look this one is even about dogs.
So now you've seen our library. I think I'll see if I can taste that berry cake and then take a snooze on the window seat.
Your pal, Fudge


rottrover said...

Wow Fudge! That's a very special room. You're lucky you get to hang out in there sometimes. You must be a furry good dog!!


Jo's World said...

That is a furry furry nice liberry.
My Mom has lots of books too, and someone asked her why not sell them at a yard sale and she said"What, are you crazy?" those are all very special to me. Thats OK, because I don't bother them. We used to have a dog here named Eddie that liked to chew on them and he got scolded for it. So he is gone, he died, not from being scolded, just from being old.

Thats my story,

scotsmad said...

Fantastic library. We used to have loads of books, but we live in a little house, so after having double rows of books on shelves, SHE gave up, donated books and bought a kindle.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Oh, some of HER books have chew marks, too.

Life with Wrigs said...

Thanks for the tour of your library, Fudge! We love it! We'd give anything to have a room set aside just for books and reading! That's an amazing collection of craft books and cookbooks, too!

Susan and Wrigs

Marjie said...

That is one impressive library! The red walls look nice behind the book shelves; Dad can stop calling the paint color a mistake and claim he planned it that way. And I even see a couple of cookbooks your Mom has that I also have! Thanks for the tour.

gMarie said...

Thanks for the tour! Love the color in the library and the comfy chairs. I would love to have a window seat - someday.

I wonder how Fudge could make money. hmmm...... g

Mitch and Molly said...

We think that is so cool that you have your own library, Fudge! The bookmarkers are just beautiful!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

SissySees said...

What a beautiful library. I see that while you are on "invitation only" status, Porties are represented in the wall art!

Tammy said...

Oh what a lovely place. I love books--the smell, the feel and of course the stories. Thanks for opening your little library to us today. Do you know of anyone who would give a first class inside home to a little dog?? I've found a little stray and am trying to find his owners, but if not, he'll need a home where he can be a lap dog and treated special all the days of his life.

Ruby said...

Oh, that is just a PAWSOME place!!!!
It's too bad there are so many barriers keepin' the doggies out...just not fair! Well, at least you can go in with your peeps!
I likes it very much...I thinks there should be some doggie beds in there too...just a thought...
Ruby ♥

Casey said...

You're a grreat tour guide, Fudge! Libraries are very exclusive places, aren't they? At the one in MY house, Cinderella and I can't go in at ALL. There's a gate up. BUT the gate has a little door at the bottom so the KITTIES can go in and out! Can you believe that?!

Sam said...

Wow that's some library. Maybe after I have some cake and coffee, we could take a little snooze on the window seat together. Yawn....

parlance said...

Great library! I particularly like the red backing to the shelves.

Nichole Burke said...

What a library!
Nice job Fudge!