Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pass It On

I've been dealing with insomnia lately and while I've been lying there trying to get to sleep, I've been thinking about some heavy stuff. Now I get to share it with you.

What's your passion? We all have something we really enjoy. Have you shared it? Here's mine.

When I was about five years old my Mom taught me to knit. I'd been sitting beside her for a couple years watching every move as she knit and I memorized the rhythmic moves until I felt confident I could do it. She got me some big fat needles and some big fat yarn and I started knitting. Like most beginning knitters I made lots of scarves and dish clothes because they required no shaping. My first real project was a baby sweater for a friend's newborn daughter. Mom let me pick the pattern and of course I picked one so difficult that even now I'd hesitate to tackle it, but I finished it with a little guidance and after that I wasn't afraid to try any pattern.
Around the time I met Rob I noticed that knitting wasn't very popular and it was difficult to find supplies That concerned me because I've gotten so much enjoyment from it and find it relaxing. Today, thanks in large part to the internet and to Ravelry, knittng is very popular again. I've taught a number of people to knit and that makes me happy.

Another  passion of mine is embroidery and cross stitch in particular.  I learned it on my own after seeing an exhibit at the New York State Fair. While examining the pieces on display, I thought "I cando that" and so I did. I've taught a few people to cross stitch and have enjoyed the experience.


My Grandmother used to sew for me when I was a little girl.I would stand next to her and watch closely. I've always liked using machines of various kinds and I really wanted to try out that sewing machine. Finally when I was about seven I got to use the sewing machine with much supervision. I loved sewing and then designing my own clothes. When I got my first job I started making almost all my clothes and even took on a few custom orders from friends. I did teach a couple others to sew though I don't know if they really ever got into it.

See where I'm going with this? It's about sharing the things you love to do with others. Teaching someone else to enjoy those things that give you pleasure will add to their lives and yours.

OK, you say that reading is your hobby. Mine too. There are lots of ways to share. If you'd like to read to children there are schools, libraries and community centers that have story time. You can read to adults at a hospital or nursing home. I think the very best is to teach someone else to read. There are lots of literacy programs where you are teamed up with an adult who wants to learn to read. It's a sometimes frustrating but very rewarding experience.

My experience was when I worked for a hospital for a short time. When I got to work in the morning I'd run into the woman who cleaned the offices on my floor, just finishing her shift. She usually had a cup of coffee from the cafeteria and a newspaper in hand. I invited her into my office to relax before heading home and we chatted. I learned that she and her husband were adopting a baby girl and she was taking lessons every afternoon to learn to read. She wanted to be able to read to her daughter. I started getting in a little earlier each morning and I'd have the coffee made so that she could sit down and read the paper. I'd sometimes help her with a word or explain a word. I was so impressed with her for taking such a big step.

So, maybe your only not work related activity is playing with the dog. OK, did you know that most shelters welcome volunteers to walk and work with the dogs waiting to be adopted? It's proven that a dog that walks well on leash and knows a couple basic commands is easier to place.
Cooking? Teach a kid to  cook. Baking cookies with a little kid is a hoot. Messy, but a hoot.

So share your passion. Pass it on to someone else who can enjoy it and then they can pass it on to someone they know. There's too much bad stuff going on in the world these days. We can make our little corner of the world a better and happier place and enjoy doing it.


Marjie said...

Helping that woman to read must have been wonderful. My grandfather taught me to read before I went to Kindergarten, at the tender age of 4. Then he'd trot me out as his one trick pony at his cocktail parties, having me read the New York Times. I don't know how entertaining that was for the people forced to endure me, but for the Grampy who had already had 2 strokes (the first at age 47), it was a big win. I passed that on to my kids. I don't do well at interacting with others, but 2 of my kids are active in Big Brothers/Big Sisters. I am proud.

scotsmad said...

Good Advice. SHE loves to read, so she listens to kids read at the local school.

XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

Sue said...

Really like you posting about sharing and helping. Glad you wrote it. I think all of us have something we can share with others. Oh and luckily Chica did not have any geese to herd. Geese and Turkeys can both be kind of mean. At least in my experience. :-). Hoping your insomnia lessens.

Robert Hall said...

I met a young lady who liked dogs. I had one as a child and my allergies separated me from that pet. Well at least a dozen dogs later and with currently 10 in our household, mostly adopted I am a dog person. Never know what you can learn.

SissySees said...

Bravo, Sue! That's wonderful advice. That's why I'm so passionate about the League. I love watching other women find their power and passion, and it makes our community, the world, a better place.

Dexter said...

Wonderful advice and a good reminder to share what you love.

Mango Momma

Owen O'Flynn said...

Hi, love your Blog!
Have a Portie "Uisce", Irish for water. Growing up, my Father sold wool, we all knitted and Crocheted. That is five boys and a girl!!
I joke now that my fathers business was a mixed blessing, we never knew if people befriended us because they liked us, or was it the wool??