Thursday, August 11, 2016

Bringing Home The Gold

Hi Everybody,
I'm sure you're all aware that the Blogville Pawlympics are currently going on. Mom and Dad have been watching the human games on TV. I don't know why our games aren't televised, they're much more interesting than watching those peeps try to compete. 
We wanted to compete lots this year, but Mom just can't seem to get herself organized and she missed out on entering us in a lot of the venues. She did, however, manage to get some of us into a couple of important competitions and here they are.

First was the swimming event. For Water Dogs this is about as good as it gets, so we entered our very best swimmer, Miss Norma Jean.  
She did great and came home with the GOLD.
Then I entered the boxing event. I LOVE boxing because I can find lots of goodies when I'm boxing. See...
And I got GOLD.
Finally, Sebastian also entered boxing because he has an entirely different technique than mine.
And Sebastian also won GOLD.
How about that, a clean sweep. Keep watching the Pawlympics, there's plenty to come and everyone is doing a great job.
Your pal, Fudge


Marjie said...

Sebastian's boxing technique is like that of a cat: subtle, but very effective! You guys deserve the golds!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We only managed to enter a couple of events too, the Momster never seems to have her priorities set right!!! Congrats on your gold medals - hope life there is doing well.

Woos - Ciara and Lightning

Ruby said...

OMD!!! I thinks I have missed a TON of your posties! damn Blogger! Anyhu, I saw you gurl in the Swimming Event! I thinks you gots FABulous form! And your furs look FABulous wet!
And you and Sebastian were amazin' in the Boxing Event!! CONGRATS on the GOLD MEDALS!!! You are doin' PAWSOME!!!! hey, are there gonna be celebration cupcakes with sprinkles??????
Ruby ♥

Molly and Mackie said...

You guys are cleaning up on the medals! Congratulations and nice work!

Nichole Burke said...

You athletes sure did clean up the medals! :)

Casey said...

You guys were so pawesome in my event! You definitely earned those gold medals!

Sammy Sam said...

Yay!!! Your mom is doing just fine. My peeps pretty much missed entering us into anything. Maybe they'll make it in time for the Winter Pawlympics. Maybe.

DJ MADAME-Boo said...

;<)) CONGRATZ!!! Miss Norma Jean & Sebastian for Winning GOLD in the Blogville Pawlympics.