Monday, April 3, 2017

Our Chewy Trial Results

A month ago Chewy asked if we'd like to try a month long trial of American Journey dog food. Up until that time we hadn't heard of it, but we agreed and I chose Lola and Bailey to be our official testers.
We chose the salmon and sweet potato variety and noticed a few things immediately. First it was loaded with good ingredients such as salmon (number one) and chicken and turkey meal, sweet potatoes and lots of others. There are no grains. It contains some important things such as zinc, selenium, vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids and glucosamine and chondroitin.  Because Bailey and Lola are both ten years old and Bailey has some arthritis, we appreciate those additions.

The food had a pleasing appearance and a not overly fishy smell.This is appreciated more by the humans than the canines. At first I thought the small pieces were a good idea for all sized dogs, but since my girls have no table manners, they tried to grab large mouthfuls of kibble and choked. I started putting liquids or toppers  on their food to slow them down and that solved the choking problem. I then learned that the food comes in large breed and puppy sizes, so that should solve the problem in the future. Easier to buy large breed kibble than to teach table manners.
 Now that our month long taste test is over, what do we think?

My girls both loved this food! From their point of view it tasted wonderful.
 I liked this food too. The output is firm and exactly what a person who picks up after nine dogs is hoping for. Their coats are soft and shiny, except for when they roll in mud which is one of the joys of spring around here.
Their breath is not fishy from this food and they have lots of energy. They both get fish oil and glucosamine supplements daily, but the extra in the food doesn't hurt and Bailey may feel a little less achy at the end of a long day of play.
Would I buy this food? YES. This appears to be a good dog food, earning a top rating of 5 on the dog food advisor site. It's well priced and besides the salmon and sweet potato flavor, comes in lamb and sweet potato, beef and sweet potato, chicken and sweet potato as well as large breed and puppy sizes.
 You can find American Journey at and they deliver to your door. Give it a try.
Chewy supplied us with a month's supply of American Journey kibble at no cost in exchange for our honest opinions on the product.


Marjie said...

The girls are looking good! I hope everyone (except Mom) enjoys the mud. Happy Spring!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Hmm. Sounds like it may be worth a try
Lily & Edward

Molly the AireGirl said...

Great review, girls! We are going to seriously check into a foodable change!

Casey said...

Thanks fur the review! Momma is looking for a new food for me, and I definitely need those glucosamine supplements.

Chewy said...

Yay, sounds like we've got a winner! Thank you so much for the feedback. :)

Nichole Burke said...

Sounds like it was a great success in the Portie household!