Friday, December 5, 2008

Laughing All The Way

Being a crafter myself, I appreciate the work of other crafters and try to use handmade items as gifts whenever possible. Nancy is an extremely talented lady who makes these wonderful doggies. She owns Portuguese Water Dogs, so she does them, but she also does a number of other breeds. She makes toys, keychains, ornaments, golf club covers and other things.

She recently sent me this adorable ornament. She has also made stuffed versions of Samba and Fudge and one of Noah wearing a sailor hat.

I always give Christmas presents to the techs in my vet's office. They are the ones who get my babies in quickly in emergencies, and give wonderful, gentle care to my animals when they are sick or frightened. As a result most of my dogs enjoy going to the vet.

Three years ago Nancy made keychains for each of the techs. She made them look like Samba and Fudge. I needed 15 of them and she did a beautiful job and got them to me quickly. Then I knit stubby stockings to hold them.

Now, back to Christmas picture, part 2.

The next day we tried again. This time I used a bigger box.

Here we go again. Another box.

Get out of my way, I'm trying to stand up.

What are we supposed to do in here?

What's she doing now, Tess?

Isn't it time for lunch yet?

We have a winner!! This is the one we used. Although you can't see Noah's face, at least you can see parts of all eight pups.


Nichole said...

OMG - the pups are adorable!!!!!!!!!

And I love those ornaments - so cute!!!!!!

Stacey said...

Wow. I just want to reach in that box and smooch those cute little faces!

LizzieJane said...

I can't get enough of these little guys, they make me smile and giggle every time I see them, thanks for sharing those wonderful pic's.
Have a wonderful weekend

Channon said...

So cute! I still have to do gifts for my vet too... ARGH!