Friday, June 27, 2014

What's With The Chickens?

Are you all hooked on the Chicken Fat song? The ads began during the Stanley Cup games and that tune got into my head and won't leave. Now we see the ad several times a day, reinforcing the tune in my mind. The dogs even recognize it now as I sing it to them most evenings on our final outing.
The song is titled "The Youth Fitness Song" and was written for President John F Kennedy's fitness program in public schools. It was written by Meredith Wilson, who wrote The Music Man, and originally sung by Robert Preston. Though I was in public school in the 60's, I don't remember the song.

Now, even though it won't go away, it's much better than most of the commercials on TV these days, so I just sing along.

Speaking of chickens, remember these chicks with sticks?
Recently my best friend celebrated a birthday and I made this pillow for her.
I'm really not that into chickens, but lately they seem to be everywhere. I'm even thinking of stitching another chicken themed piece.

Please, somebody, get me away from all these chickens.


Anonymous said...

Oh Barharhar Chickens Hey, Our Mom has the Kitchen with like 87 thousand Frogs, they are everywhere, and Frankie's Mom has that Christmas Snow Man thingie. We gots real ones behind us and that Rooster drives Bites nuts! Dad says Hummmmmmmm, Chicken

The Mad Scots

Casey said...

I's never heard of this song, and Momma hasn't either!

scotsmad said...

Now you've made an earworm of that song for her. SHE'll be humming it all day!

We seem to have owls everywhere here, this year.

XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

Marjie said...

I think I heard the chicken fat song on Captain Kangaroo. Fortunately, I don't watch commercials, so it has not been stuck in my head! But before long you'll be singing something else to the pack. If I, on the other hand, sang to Buffy and Winston, they'd pack their bags and flee in terror!

SissySees said...

Like Marjie, I missed the song too. Phew!

But your cross stitch is beautiful!