Monday, June 2, 2014

Where's Monkey?

After my last post several people asked about Monkey.
 While Monkey will forever be Bailey's very best friend, he grew old and couldn't keep up with Bailey's busy schedule.
Remember Monkey had a very full life. He accompanied Bailey everywhere.
There was the time Fudge kidnapped him and held him hostage for a week, prompting a worldwide search.
Monkey was part of a stressful MangoMinster adventure.

He took part in our Olympics and even won a medal.
He always took part in Bandana Day.
Finally Bailey decided it was time for Monkey to retire. He earned it. Though he still shared her crate at bedtime, she started carrying Pink Bear around with her.

Pink Bear was a good buddy and their friendship lasted a long time. Then it ended.
Lately Bailey has been carrying Bird with her and taking it into her crate at bedtime. Then one night during the winter I guess Bailey was angry about something and instead of going to sleep, she chewed Bird's head off. I was surprised and I'm sure Bird was surprised, but Bailey continued to be faithful to Headless Bird.
On Saturday, while Bailey was outside playing, I put a new white bear in her crate. I was a little disappointed at bedtime when she didn't seem to notice him, but Sunday morning she came bouncing out with her new Bear. I tried to take him while she ate breakfast but she wouldn't eat until he was beside her. I did stop her at the door and made Bear wait inside for her.
They have been inseparable ever since.
Monkey has gone to live in my memory box along with Samba's frisbee, Sky's glowball, Tsar's duck, Monty's pink pig, Lucy's loofa dog, Bentley's star and Libby's rubber candy cane. All their collars are also there. I like to look at them now and then and let the memories surround me.


scotsmad said...

So happy Monkey has been retired and is with the other memories in the box. We would hate to think he'd just been thrown out.

We think that bird must have been making too much noise.

XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

Ruby said...

OMD! That is one pawsome bear!!!
I thinks it's a good trade.
I loves it!!
Ruby ♥

SissySees said...

I still have the boys' leather collars on the coat closet door.

I also remember the first time Fred de-stuffed Baby. He said it was because Mugsy had already broken Baby.

Gretchen still won't shed any light on why she sometimes breaks her wonderfulness and destuffs a toy, or takes a stuffy outside and leaves it.

Rubye Jack said...

Oh you fickle Bailey!

Casey said...

White Bear looks like a very lovable new companion. I hope he serves Bailey well!

Marjie said...

I do remember Monkey's adventures, including the kidnapping incident. So glad he has found a happy retirement home, and that Bailey has a new friend to toss about!

Mitch and Molly said...

Memories are the best ☺

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Sam said...

Thanks that was a really good post.

Nichole Burke said...

Awww... simply adorable!