Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Most Wonderful Mistake #Chewy Influencer

When Dr B called to tell me that Fudge no longer was positive for e-coli, we had a long talk about the boy. Fudge had been off his Rimadyl while he was taking antibiotics and after three rounds of antibiotics, he was really showing distinct signs of pain. Not only did he need help on stairs, but he was having trouble just walking across the room.
Dr B said to restart his Rimadyl and since we prefer to use natural methods when possible, he suggested increasing his glucosamine chondroitin, and continuing tumeric. He said the most important thing is to flood him with Omega 3s.

So now Fudge takes his fish oil capsules after breakfast and before bed, but he also gets several as treats throughout the day. He chews them up like candy.

Besides fish oil caps, Dr B suggested giving him either salmon or sardines several times a week. For years we're given the dogs sardines weekly, but now he says Fudge can have them more often. I had used my last can of sardines the night before, so I added them to my grocery list.

Then the mistake happened.

My Chewy review items arrived that afternoon and beside the two items I had selected there was an extra. It had not been among the choices offered but someone at the warehouse had by mistake added a case of Tiki Cat Sardine Cutlets to our box.
Never mind that these say Cat or show a cat on the can. Sardines are sardines and they are the absolute favorite food of my dogs, even Sydney and Sebastian.
These are wild caught sardines, fins and tails removed, then sliced. They're cooked in a both with vegetable gums, sunflower oil and vitamins added.
My dogs were delighted with this special surprise and so was I. Thank you Chewy. If you had to make a mistake, this was the perfect one to make.
Chewy sent us this absolutely delicious and nourishing case of Tiki Cat Sardine Cutlets at no cost to us. Although it was an error on their part, we appreciate it and have given our honest review.


Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Our vet recommended sardines in oil for flaky skin. We love that vet! What a great surprise. Hope you add some of that cat food to your next order.

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

A very timely mistake, and a very good one too if that is even possible. Mom would love to give us sardines, but the thought of them grosses her out:) We try to tell her we would gobble them down so fast she would never even see them.

Woos - Lightning and Misty

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song said...

What a fortunate, yet smelly accident

Ruby said...

AAAGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!! Okay, that was Ma. You knows her and her aversion to fish. I heard her literally gag. Butts ME???? YUMMERS!!!!! OMD, I will be right overs!!!! You knows, i gets the fishy oil pills now, and I looooooves it! Ma pokes the bottom with a knife, and squirts it in my bowl, and I lick it up! They are amazin'! And, good for Ma, no smell in them! BOL
Oh man, that food looks amazin'! I SO wants to lives with you guys!!!! I'll gives you cookies! ☺
Ruby ♥

Molly the AireGirl said...

Those sardines look simply delicious and I bet they smell sooooo yummy! What a wonderful mistake to have happen!

Marjie said...

Does the pack even know about cats? THat picture could have been of just a really strange dog. And sardines are for everyone who wants them. So this was a great mistake. I hope Fudge's aches dissipate soon; limping around is no fun at all, and that boy needs to dance!

Happy weekending, everyone!

Sammy Sam said...

Yeah Fudge and Chewy

Sammy Sam said...

Well that certainly worked out well. Hi Fudge. glad that you're feeling better.

Kerry said...

I am a big fan of fish oil for Eddy. I think is has boosted his immune system. He would definitely love a can of cat food.

Nichole Burke said...

We love a happy mistake!