Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Let's Catch Up

Hi Everybody,
Have you missed us? Did you ever see one of those circus guys that spins plates on sticks? Mom said last week she felt like one of those guys, running back and forth trying to keep everything spinning and not let them all crash to the floor. This week seems to be starting out a little calmer, so we've come to catch up with the happenings in Blogville.
 So, here's some of the stuff that's been going on with us. First and most important, I finished my third set of antibiotics for my terrible infection. Mom took another urine sample to the vet and then we waited for the results. Mom's not a good waiter, she gets nervous and paces a lot. After a couple days the call came. I'm cured!! Dr B said the PH was perfect, the gravity was good and there was no blood. Now I just need another urine test in a month to make sure it stays away. We were all very happy about that news.
The same day that my test results came in, we got a really neat surprise from Chewy. My post last month won the summer fun contest. For a dog that's kind of like winning the Pulitizer but with yummy treats. The big box held lots of wonderful things for us.
  There was a Chuckit toy with extra balls. We can use it here in the yard or even at the lake. As soon as the hot temperatures go down, we'll give it a test.
There were a couple of Nylabone chews for the two little spotty demons, Syd and Mac. They love to chew and have destroyed some of our good toys. These will keep them busy for a nice long time and hopefully quiet, too.
There was a tug toy that some of the girls will enjoy. They like pulling each other around.
There was stuffy snake for Bailey.  Her crate is so full of her stuffy babies that there's hardly room for her at night, but she's always ready to adopt a new one.
There were bandanas for us and a shirt for Mom and socks for Dad.
 And best of all, there were two bags of American Journey treats, chicken for the girls and turkey for the boys. What a great prize box with something for everyone.
We've been having a pretty nice spring and summer with warm but not hot temperatures and lots of rain, but that all changed. Suddenly last week it got hot and dry. Today it's supposed to be 100 degrees, way too hot for a dog. The first hot day last week our air conditioner died. We have fans in the house but even with them running it got really hot and I was panting really hard. Our air man came over about 6 o'clock and it was just a little part that needed to be replaced. By bedtime we were comfortable again and Mom's mood was improving.

We've had some of the usual summertime dog stuff going on too. Some scratching and limping and all those other things that we need Mom to fix.  Dad has been busy giving us haircuts and baths.  Mom has been treating the bites and scratches and sprains. 
On Saturday Mom went into the kitchen and stayed there all day. We all stayed with her, of course. She made human cookies and dog cookies. She cooked Swiss steak and chicken with rice. She said she wanted to get all the cooking done ahead before it got too hot. We love when Dad cooks because he lets us sample and test the food. Mom isn't as generous, but when she's all done there's usually some good stuff for our dinner and this time we had rice with spinach to top our kibble.
 So we had an extra busy week last week but now things are getting back to normal and we're ready to wander around Blogville and check in on all of you. See you soon.
Your pal,  Fudge


Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Wow! That was quite a week. First of all we're so happy the tests came back normal. We'll keep our paws crossed that it continues. Hot weather and broken A/C is never a good combination. Tempers can fray. But what a great box of goodies you got. something for everyone, that has to make things better!

Molly the AireGirl said...

That is the best news, Fudge! Chewy is always so thoughtful and considerate. We just love them to pieces♥
No ac in those temps is never a good thing. Thank goodness it's fixed!

Sammy Sam said...

As long as all the "kids" are well and the A/C works - the world is a good place. When's dinner?