Sunday, June 14, 2009

If It Follows Me Home Can I Keep It?

Happy Flag Day!!

Even though we awoke to thunder, lightening and torrential rains, I served this festive red, white and blue breakfast to celebrate the day.

Yesterday, when the sun was shining, Rob and I went to see the miniature donkeys at the fairgrounds.

When I was a little girl there was a man who lived just outside of town who raised Shetland ponies. He had a huge field in front of his house where he let the ponies run and play and graze and every time we got in the car I begged my Grandfather to drive by the pony farm so I could see them.

Sometimes we even stopped the car and I got to pet some of the ponies. Did I want one? You bet I did. Did I get one? No

When I got a little bit older, six or seven, I saw in the Sears catalog that they sold donkeys. I decided to save up and send for one. At six I didn't earn much money and I never saved enough for a donkey.

All my life I've carried that picture of a field full of ponies around in my head.

Yesterday the picture came back loud and clear when I saw these adorable little guys.

These little donkeys are so cute and they come in all colors. Most were pretty placid and friendly.

This guy was not happy. He was braying at the top of his lungs, kicking the gate and snapping at anyone who got near him.

As Rob and I were discussing the possibility of owning one, the loud braying changed our minds. Can you imagine ten dogs barking and a donkey braying? All we'd need would be a peacock screeching to complete the mayhem.

Some were walking around on a leash. Some actually walked better on a leash than some of my dogs.

Some were in their pens, just watching the activity around them.

You know I love shaggy dogs. Well, there were shaggy donkeys, too.

This shaggy guy enjoyed having Rob scratch his head.

This one was having a bad hair day.
No, I didn't come home with a donkey, but that dream of a field full of ponies is still there.


LizzieJane said...

I love donkeys too Sue. I think they are so cute. It's never to late maybe you'll get that donkey yet. I can see your gang playing with a donkey, I think they would have great fun!

Channon said...

Oh, I think your pack would love a shaggy donkey! We never had a donkey, but we had horses and my father's prized some sort of rare spotted ass (named Fanny, of course!). Late in life, Daddy wanted a mule. There was one on a neighboring farm named Jack, and Daddy was very fond of him.

Good memories. Thank you!

Rachael Rabbit said...

I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of having a pet donkey .... not so suitable for a New York apartment - but maybe one day?

momsue84 said...

I know what you mean about donkeys. There is a field across the highway from our subdivision where retired Forest Service horses, mules and donkeys graze and laze their days away in peace and contentment. They are well cared for, and Milo and I always stop by the fence to say hi when we are out for our walk. We have even given them names-Fred, Ethel, Lucy and Ricky.

Sam said...

Your post brings back fond memories of my old horse Taco, who passed in '07. I love dogs, but I think my heart will always be with the hoofed creatures. I hope to have one again someday.

gaylen said...

You do do some interesting things. Sounds like you had a good day out. Love the donkey's but I agree 10 dogs and a donkey might be a bit much. g

soulbrush said...

they are such underrated animals aren't they? i just love that shaggy one. tee hee.

StellaStar said...

You know, if you owned a donkey, you could tell people to "bite my @$$" and mean it...

GoldenTracks said...

Oh! Come on, Sue...We want to hear about a Portuguese Water Donkey! =}

Anonymous said...

Your breakfast looks delicious and so festive ♥ The donkeys are so sweet and cute. It sounds like you had a fun day at the fair.

Marjie said...

Your breakfast looks divine, and your donkeys are funny. I don't think you'd like him so well when he took up telling you what he thinks, though! It's funny how we never let go of things we wanted when we were little.

Dianne said...

OK, now I need a donkey, too.