Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring At Last

Spring took it's time getting here, but suddenly the temperature has been hitting 80 and we had a good rain. It made the trees pop into bloom and I'm reminded why spring is my favorite season, despite the sneezing.

Norma Jean like to follow me around as I check out the trees in our yard.

This is the new cherry tree. It's only been in the ground since Saturday, but it must like it here. The leaves have opened up and so have a few flowers.

Imagine next year when this tree is covered with these big clumps of pink flowers. There are lots of these trees at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. It's the first place I ever saw them and I knew I wanted at least one in our yard. They're called Kwanzan Cherry.

This is the plum tree we planted in the front yard a few years ago. Rob and I are both surprised at how fast it grew.

I love the pink flowers and the dark red leaves.

Our Forsythia is a little late. We see most of the others in the neighborhood are already in full bloom. Ours is protected by the house and gets the late afternoon sun, so it'll take another week to be fully out.

The dogs like finding a spot under a tree to chew a stick. Sometimes there's a dog under each tree in the yard.

We have four crabapple trees in the yard. They're covered with buds, but haven't opened up yet.

After running around on a hot day, a dog needs a cool drink, and everyone knows the water tastes better outside. Fudge was the first to discover the water bowl.

He sprayed everyone with his soggy beard.

Samba and Fudge shared the bowl. She doesn't allow everyone to share, so we were impressed.

The four sisters don't mind crowding all their heads into the bowl at once.

When everyone was finished drinking, Fudge discovered a leaf floating in the bowl. Notice that he's sneaking his foot into the bowl to try and get the leaf.

He was so focused on getting the leaf out of the bowl that he didn't notice everyone else leaving the yard. He had his face and foot in the bowl and splashed all the water out until he managed to get the leaf.

Then we had to dry his face and feet before letting him inside. We're all glad spring is here.


Stella said...

I have a flowering crab in my yard and it has a good spring story. The blossoms come, then the little apples come, and no bird even gives them a second look. They stay on all fall long, all through the winter, and then when spring comes one day I will look out and there will be a hundred cedar waxwings or even more robins, eating every berry from that tree!
The waxwings and robins don't come at the same time, of course, its who ever gets there first. Yesterday, the robins were almost done by the time I saw them. But are they ever a welcome sight!

Jo and Stella

The OP Pack said...

All your flowering trees are just beautiful. We have a pretty pink one in the back but Mom can't remember what it is. And the two flowering pears just burst into bloom overnight.

We furballs are really minding this early heat - too much too fast, but we hear there might be a cool down tonight.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

scotsmad said...

Now we know why they're Water Dogs! Love all the cherry blossoms and other spring buds.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Sam said...

Your yard looks beautiful. My parents used to have a tree in front of our house, but it was cut down before I was born. Apparently, the neighbor did not like it.

gaylen said...

Hmmm - I haven't noticed any of our trees flowering yet. I guess I need to walk around with the camera this week.

I just love Fudge - I don't think he can do anything wrong. Sweet boy. g

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your flowering trees are just beautiful! Spring is such a gorgeous time of year!
Love the picture of the girls with their four heads in the same bowl! LOL


Channon said...

GREAT photos. We're always several days behind our neighbors in all things blooming, because of the woods. Not that I'm complaining in the least.

LizzieJane said...

I am so glad Spring is here too! It must look just beautiful in your garden when all those wonderful trees are blooming. I wish they wouds stay that way all year.

Nichole said...

Beautiful pics... esp that first one of Miss Norma Jean! :)

Lots of sneezing here... and right now my contacts are stuck to my eyeballs like glue! :/

Marjie said...

We're not flowering yet, but soon! Thor and the boys are happy!

Tee said...

So pretty! Those flowering trees! I sometimes wish we had spring in the tropics.