Monday, August 12, 2013

We're Making A Comeback

We had a dry weekend. Despite the forecasts, it didn't rain on Saturday or Sunday. Yesterday everyone on the street mowed their lawns. The grass was really too wet to mow and is tracking in on everything, but the recent heavy rains have made it grow fast and it needed to be cut back. This morning we woke up to dark clouds and around 10 the thunder started followed closely by heavy rain again.

The basement is still dry though we're checking it every couple hours to stay on top of the situation. We haven't moved the furniture back yet. We'll wait till this weather pattern has moved on just to be safe. It's a little difficult working around the office with things all out of place, but it could be worse.

The dogs are getting used to getting wet every time they run outside. Even the little girls are going out in the rain without a big fuss as long as there's no thunder. Sydney has started ringing the bell and the accidents in the house are fewer than a couple weeks ago. We're making slow progress.

Lola is feeling great. She's eating with enthusiasm and running around with her sisters. It's good to see her acting like herself again. The other Porties are all doing well. We think Morgan may be having hot flashes. In the corner of the bedroom Morgan has the big dog bed. On the end of it is a medium sized dog bed that she dragged over there and on top is her small soft basket style bed. Besides that she has the big stuffed dog and a large stuffed rabbit. Every night she arranges her pile of beds and animals until they're in exactly the right position, then plops down on them to sleep. Over the weekend she started pulling them all away from the wall and sleeping on the air vent. Every time we put them back in place, she moves them again so she can stay cool as she sleeps. Strange.
Remember several months ago Sebastian had an area on his hip that was full of scar tissue and the vet thought there was a foreign object inside the area left from an old injury. We thought he might need surgery, but the injury calmed down and hair started growing back and it hasn't bothered him for months. I check it once a week to make sure it's still OK, but Saturday it had started swelling. We put a cone on him to keep him from licking and chewing on it and this morning I called Dr B as soon as the office opened. He said to bring him in.
We put him on the table and took a look. It was the size of an egg and bloody pus was spurting out in several spots. Dr B said we couldn't wait and needed to open it up. When he cut into it a lot of messy red nasty glop came pouring out. He cleaned it and poked around inside the area but we didn't find whatever is causing the problem.
He sent Sebastian home with the area open and oozing. He's taking strong antibiotics and I have to apply warm compresses several times a day to keep the spot open and draining. We're hoping that the foreign matter finally works it's way out. Keep your paws crossed that this thing comes out by itself and Sebastian doesn't have to have more surgery. He's being a very good boy though he'd like to get rid of that cone and fix the spot himself.

I'm going to try to get back to blogging and checking in on all your blogs to see what we've missed. It's good to be back.


rottrover said...

Morgan, we hear you, girlfriend! Sebastian, sending POTP your way!

Ruby n mom

Jo's World said...

The Story of Morgan and her beds are wonderful! Remember, all of you, This too shall pass away!

Very happy to have you back, Sister, and hopefully the rains will stop before the snow comes. (Thats to avoid any ice!)

Cheers and hugs,


Anonymous said...

WOW, glad the basement is holding up, poor Sebastian, we gots our paws crossed for you. Ahhhhhhh, sleeping on the floor vent, the scottie before us did that all the time and he loved the snow!

The Mad Scots

Marjie said...

I'm glad the rain is bothering the pack less, and that the girls are getting back on track with their potty training. I've never housebroken a dog without small children around to go outside for extended periods every day, so Brutus was giving us fits. I think he's finally about trained.

Morgan's bed routine is pretty funny. And I hope poor Sebastian heals up soon.

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

Been so worried about y'all with all the rain, we goaded mama into taking a break from her many medical appointments and onto the computer. Glad your heads are above water and hope the basement holds. Being a water dog does not mean one wants to live like a fish. We're so sorry about Sebastian's sore and also send POTP to speed his healing. Sure hope whatever it is finally goes away. And Jed sleeps on the AC vents all the time in the summer; it's one of his favorite places. So Morgan's choice seems very rational to Jed. Hugs to all.

scotsmad said...

Paws crossed for Sebastian....and that the rain goes away for a little while.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Mitch and Molly said...

OUCH! We hope you heal quickly, Sebastian!
Our paws are crossed that your weather stays dry!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

ElleC said...

I am so glad that you had a better weekend. We are back to having daily thunder (sigh). Barney is having fits, now the Valium isn't doing the job by itself, we had to get him a Thunder shirt. It certainly helps.

Get well soon Sebastion! Poor guy.

Nichole Burke said...

Glad to hear things are starting to take a turn for the DRY! We've got rain today, but that's okay as long as Thurs - Sat are dry for racing! Finally got the lawn mowed for the first time since vacation... Sophie is pleased with that.
Poor Sebastian - ouchie!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Glad to hear every buddys comin around. Oh boy that boo boo is something else. We have our paws crossed for you Sebastian
Benny & Lily

Tammy said...

The weekend was so nice! I did tons of "dog" laundry, getting caught up on washing their bedding and hanging it on the line. It was so nice to see the sun. We didn't get as much rain yesterday, thankfully.

So sorry to see that Sebastian continues to have this issue. I am praying that this time it works out. It must be pretty deep whatever it is. When I rescued my big Mastiff Boone from alongside the road, he had wounds on his neck and shoulder. The neck wound wouldn't heal up either, and eventually he had to have surgery to remove the scar tissue (and try and find what was causing it). Never did find the cause but at least he healed up after that. But it was a much shorter time frame than what Sebastian is experiencing.


Casey said...

Ewwww. Poor Sebastian! I hope that he manages to clear out whatever that problem is. Youch.

Ruby said...

Okays, you should have warned Ma before showin' her Sebastian's wound...she just ate some oatmeal...
Okays, she's better now. Kind of.
Okays....see she can be a wuss. A BIG one. Geesh.
I, however, lick my own butts, so it didn't bother me at all! I'll keep my paws crossed real tight for you Sebastian! (I better go give Ma some smellin' salts....)
Ruby ♥

Life with Wrigs said...

Thanks for bringing us up to date on everyone, Sue! Glad to hear your basement is staying dry! It's a relief that Lola and the other Porties are feeling fine. Love the story about Morgan arranging all her things each night. I can relate to the need to find a cool spot to sleep! I sure hope poor Sebastian's infected wound clears up once and for all. How is his diet progressing?

Susan and Wrigs

SissySees said...

Poor Sebastian - and you!! We're tired of rain too, and I don't think we've had nearly as much as you have, but I did finally hear a weather dolt - er, reporter? announce we're having the wettest summer in modern history.

Sissy and I feel for Morgan. Sissy isn't having hot flashes, but like most double-coated bassets, she's too warm far more than she's too cold.

Crossed paws abound.

kathy b said...

Poor baby. I should have been a wound nurse though....I like getting all that stuff out ta there!!!!!!

Took care of a newborn named Sebastian the other night. He was a big big boy!