Friday, April 10, 2009

My Inner Child

The red sky yesterday morning wasn't kidding. There were tornadoes all around us last night. We had high winds and tons of rain, but nothing dangerous. It looks like our Easter biscuit hunt may be damp this year.

We're going to try to get it in between showers. The nice thing about having dogs is they don't read and if I tell them next Tuesday is Easter, they believe me. It's bound to be sunny again some day and that's when we'll do our hunt.

I cross stitched these little bunnies several years ago. I've always liked them. They have an innocence about them.

These two look less innocent. Above them it says 'Somebunny Loves You'. Awww. I must have been in one of my weird moods when I did them

Now for my confession. In some respects I am still a six year old at heart. I have a collection of stuffed animals that almost fills the guest room. Our poor overnight guests must have nightmares about sleeping in a jungle with all those plastic eyes watching them. From time to time I share a few with you and today I'm sharing some of my bunnies and ducks.

This one is dressed as a flapper with a little knit dress and headband.

Don't be fooled, this is a bear in disguise. I just love these little bears dressed in animal costumes. See, I told you I was six years old.

This little ram is so soft to the touch.

This bunny is big. He was an Easter gift to Robert early in our marriage. I learned quickly to give gifts of things I wanted. That way after a few years when he forgot about them, I could just claim them as mine. Does anyone else do that?

These are enough to give a little kid nightmares. I like strange animals and welcomed them into the collection. Robert found them. He is a major contributor to the collection.

This poor duck looks exhausted. I think she needs a rest in a nest.

Isn't this a pretty rabbit? I just love her big Easter bonnet. I think she was one of my e-Bay finds. I just love e-bay.

We all wish everyone a happy Easter and stay tuned for the results of the big Easter biscuit hunt. My money is on Samba and Bailey. They have the best noses.


soulbrush said...

I adore you Sue, I adore your way with your doggies, the fact that they can't read and so every day is like Easter really to them. I love your inner child (I so long ago had to grow up and get rid of my fluffy toys, you know what.I may actually buy myself one again!) and your embroidery is first class. hugs for easter, ours is turning out wet too.

momsue84 said...

I think we should let our inner child speak to us. Perhaps, the world would be a better place if we did. Good luck with the Biscuit Hunt. Happy Easter!

Thor said...

Hi Sue!
You cross stitch pieces with bunnies are beautiful! You are so talented!
Thanks for sharing your bunnies and ducks. They look so cute! You have a great collection! Mommy loves stuffies too!
I hope all of you have a very Happy Easter!


Channon said...

We have sun at the moment, but have had a hard shower in the last hour too. Strange weather.

I so wanted to find an Easter bonnet for Sissy this year, but my back didn't cooperate.

My childhood best friend's brother shared with me that when in doubt, buy something you'd like to play with. It's served me well in kid-gift shopping.

Happy Easter, and good luck with that bone hunt.

gaylen said...

Love the cross stitch - the bunnies are adorable even if not so innocent :)

Love the flat out duck - she does look exhausted. I hope you both get some rest this weekend. g

LizzieJane said...

Beautiful cross stitch Sue, and I know how much work that went into them. I agree the world would be a much better place if we remember what it was like to be a child again.

Nicki said...

Your bunnies are so cute. I love stuffed animals too. I really have to hold back when I see so many cute ones as the store, but I always look at them and sometimes I give in and one comes home!