Monday, April 13, 2009

Welcome Cousin Bo

By now I'm sure everyone in the world has heard that the Obama family welcomed their new dog Bo into the family this weekend. Bo is a six month old Portuguese Water Dog Amigo's New Hope.

Bo and my Fudge share some grandparents. They both have the same great great grandmother Del Sur's Bubble Bath and Fudge's grandfather Hunter Walking on Water is also Bo's great grandfather. Heaven help the Obamas!

As I type this my pack is sleeping here in the office with me and Samba is sitting with her head in my lap. I am blessed to share my life with these animals and wish the Obamas great happiness sharing their life with their Portie.

Now back to our world.

Saturday morning we held the hunt and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Later that same day when we started to take them outside for a regular outing, they were still charged up and thought there might be more biscuits to look for.

They crowded around the garage door, each trying to be the first one out to start looking.

Once outside they had a good, much needed run.

There was a lot of energy left from the rainy day on Friday and the excitement of the morning's activities.

They still took time to check for biscuits in the grass, just in case one was hiding there.

Norma Jean checking in with me.

Bailey watched the activity .

When I called them in they were happy to come inside for a nap, even Tsar.

Tess thought it would be fun to play ball just a little longer.

I guess there is something to this 'red sky' stuff. On Thursday morning the sunrise was red and we had a rainy day, with big storms later in the day. Saturday morning there was no red in the sky and we had a gorgeous, sunny day to play outside. Sunday at 6:20 the sky looked like it was on fire.

The day was dark, chilly and it rained all day, a truly gloomy day. Those sailors sure knew what they were talking about.


gaylen said...

I wasn't up early enough to check the sky but we had a miserable Sunday - weather wise. Kept it really low key in the house. Knitting, baking, eating. g

LizzieJane said...

How cool that Fudge is related to the Obama's new little Portie. It sounds like they may have their hands full. I hope he has inherited fudge's wonderful smile!
Have a wonderful Monday Sue!

Channon said...

Oh, I hope they have a sense of humor and the ability to enjoy a spirited, intelligent dog...

Bo will need LOTS of romps like that, won't he?

Cat said...

I wondered if you knew the family / breeder of the Prez's new family member! I love being friends with the famous (and the near famous!)!

The photo of the sky is AMAZING! Thank you for sharing it.

Happy Good Monday,

soulbrush said...

yes they look so alike,,what fun..and yes i believe they are gonna be so happy with their portie...hope that it doesn't make lotsa people rush out and buy them, but i fear it might....

Nichole said...

Very cool - love your connection and best wishes to the Obamas.. I'm sure that BO will be a spoiled, yet well behaved, pooch... lol :)

Moira said...

Love the photos of your "Easter egg" hunt. So cute!

BTW, have you seen this new photo of Bo as a puppy...

Stella said...

Red Sky at Night, Sailor's Delight
Red Sky at Morning, Sailor takes warning.

So I think you miscued the Saturday night deal, should have been a nice day, but no, wasn't.

Up too late!