Monday, April 20, 2009

No Respect

Here it is, post number 200. I certainly never expected to see it and thank you to all of you who have checked in to read about my crazy dogs. They keep providing me with funny stories to share.

Be sure to try our contest 'Playing Footsie'. You have all this week to figure out whose feet they are. The answers and winners will be announced next Monday.

When we first moved here one of our neighbors, who we're happy to report moved away, had a nasty, barky little dog who roamed the neighborhood. Every time we stepped onto our porch that dog would come racing toward us and stand in our yard barking all the while we were outside. Finally I had enough and I bought what we used to call a squirt gun, later called a water pistol, and now called a super soaker. The next time I walked onto the porch and the little monster came into the yard barking, I doused him with a stream of water. He ran back home and stayed away from our house from then on.

Monty used to race to the door when anyone rang the bell and he wouldn't stop barking. Add Lucy, Morgan, Tsar, Samba and Fudge to the chorus and I couldn't hear what the person at the door was saying. I filled the squirt gun and sprayed them all. The barking stopped. After just a couple times, I no longer had to fill the gun. I just picked it up and quiet reigned. It got to the point where I only has to say "I'll get the gun" and they stopped barking and backed away.

Then the pups came along.

As you can see they have no respect for the water gun. The minute they see it, they crowd around me trying to drink from it .

They actually beg to be sprayed.

Tess and Norma Jean like it best.

Tsar remembers when the gun meant something else.

Somehow I feel I've lost control of this situation.

I'm obviously going to have to find another means of enforcing quiet.

They are quiet while they're catching the spray, so maybe it does still work.


LizzieJane said...

This is so funny, I guess they really do love water. How lovely to be surrounded by those lovely doggies all day, you will never get lonely!

GoldenTracks said...

Oh what brats we make out of them! That is so funny. Sunny and Jackson drink from a squirt bottle, guess they'd think it was a game too. Hmmm......we have a super soaker in the garage. :~)

Knitter in an Urban Zoo said...

I love this. When it gets warmer here we will make a movie of Gracie and the hose...that is hilarious too.

Tsar is beautiful. Stunning, really. They are all fun!!!

gaylen said...

How sweet. I too have a squirt bottle - it works on Dudley hound, nobody else minds if they are wet.

Channon said...

Oh, that makes me giggle, as your pack generally does... We're working on the footsie contest, and greatly appreciate all of the toes-included photos you've had in the past few days. Maybe I'll finish up today...

Nichole said...

Happy 200th! Great pics!

Persephone and Buster said...

ah yes.. the squirting gun.. the humomm has become a sharp-shooter...she can zap a butt from as far away as that super soaker shoots... it does make for extra reasons not to continue to bark...but i, theBUSTER, do not respond to a mere squirt of water.. would have to be a water cannon! conrats on your 200th post.
theBUSTER & Persephone & Ms. Blue too

soulbrush said...

yahoo happy 200th to you.. ha ha love the water gun. and it's so nice to see some photos of you too.

Hero said...

Happy 200th post and what a great story to celebrate the occasion! My mom uses the garden hose to chase off the stray cats that like to roam in our yard, but I go ballistic whenever I hear water running as that means serious play time! It is kind of silly thinking water could be used against PWDs, but as long as they are quiet I guess it serves its purpose, but in a different way.

Thor said...

Congrats on your 200th. Love your blog.
Your doggies sure loves water! Great pictures!
Come to my blog. I have an award for you.


Dianne said...

That is hilarious! I've got to try that with my Brits!