Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Counting Down

Our big day is almost here. Fudge and I will be at the fairgrounds bright and early on Friday to try for our third leg in Rally. We've been having short practices several times a day in the garage, the driveway and the library. He's listening to me and following directions well. He knows the moves, the question is will he listen and do what I ask of him or will he decide to improvise? Only Fudge knows.

I have a lot to do before the trial so I may not get to all the Dogs On Thursday posts until after the trial, but I will read and comment as soon as I get a chance.

This post is an update on our activities this week. I finished two 'cookie sheet blankets' and will be mailing them out on Monday.

I had never given it any thought before, but my cookie sheets are four different sizes. It doesn't really matter for baking cookies, but it's interesting that there doesn't seem to be a standard size cookie sheet. My blankets are two different sizes. I guessed at the number of stitches and just did patterns that I like. These work up really fast and are for a good cause. Watch for them next week, Kathy.

What started out as a decision to replace two warped floorboards on the deck has turned into a major project, replacing all the railings, the steps and redoing the gates. Rob has been working from early in the morning till long after dark every day.

The deck looks like new now and I won't trip on the boards sticking up, or worry about a dog falling off between the railing spokes.

Sky went to the dentist early this morning. He had his broken tooth fixed. Dr B put new composite on the tooth and coated it well to protect it. Then he cleaned his other teeth. He only had some mild tartar on a few teeth. He came home this afternoon feeling a little groggy and has been napping most of the evening. He does have a little cough from the tube that was down his throat during the procedure.

A couple days ago Tsar was in the yard while Rob worked on the deck. Tsar started barking and Rob asked me to check on him. There was a squirrel in the oak tree near the house. Tsar was sitting directly under the tree barking and the squirrel was throwing acorns at him. I chased the squirrel away and brought Tsar inside.

This afternoon Tsar was outside again and the squirrel decided to torment him again. The squirrel came into the tree and started throwing acorns again. Tsar stood directly under him, barking. The squirrel wasn't paying attention and moved onto another branch to get better aim, but the branch was dead and broke off, dropping the squirrel on the ground right in front of Tsar.

Tsar chased him to the tree and just missed catching him by inches. Tsar spent the next two hours sitting under the tree waiting for the squirrel to come back. He could practically taste that juicy squirrel meat. It should be interesting to see if the squirrel continues to tease the dog. Next time he may not be so lucky.

I'll let you know how Fudge and I do this weekend. Rob has promised to take pictures and we'll probably have some funny stories and who knows maybe a ribbon and a new title.


Stella said...

Good Luck to you and Fudge!

Good luck to Tsar!

Bad luck to the squirrel!


Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Wow!! You are a faster knitter than I am - like you I had to decide what size of cookie sheet Kathy really meant. My blanket is 51 stitches across on #7 needles. I am using the Trinity pattern that I have used for prayers shawls in the past. It is working up really soft. I hope to get it in the mail by next Tuesday. Also finished some hats for the Warming Families project.

You have a busy week ahead of you. Hope the Rally go well and Fudge comes home with a ribbon or two.

Swampechaun said...

Good luck to you and Fudge. The deck is looking great. Love your cookie sheet blankets. I'll have to post pics of mine as well.

The OP Pack said...

Good luck to you and Fudge in the Rally competition. And tell Tsar to be careful- we read on someone's blog this week about black squirrels in Russia who attacked and killed a stray dog that they thought was honing in on their nut supply.

Love the blankets.

woos, the OP Pack

Dianne said...

Everyone here in Britknitterville will be sending good vibes to you and Fudge this weekend!

Channon said...

Sissy is acting out enough for everyone, but we'll gladly take on some rambunctious behavior if it helps you and Fudge!

I have maybe a dozen cookie sheets, and I'm really not sure any are the same size...

Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

That's great news about Sky's dental visit. So glad it went well. Bentley has to go in to get his incisors extracted because they never dropped. When he was at the vet last week for his allergies the vet remarked on how good his teeth look for a Chihuahua though. We brush them every night so it was great to hear. But I am nervous about the surgery. We aren't sure when it will be but I am always nervous when my babies have to undergo anesthesia.

That squirrel better watch out! I hope he has learned his lesson not to mess with Tsar anymore!

momsue84 said...

Good luck to you and Fudge!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Fudge! Charli and I will be rooting for you and excited to learn how you did. Happy DOT! Be careful Tsar. Those squirrels can be dangerous.

Marjie said...

Tsar and the squirrel made me laugh. I love that he's making sure Rob's doing his deck work correctly. Your blankets are pretty. Good luck to you and Fudge!

Nichole said...

Good luck... and have fun!

gaylen said...

I can't wait to hear about Fudge. Hope Rob is able to tape some of it for us.

Go Fudge - make us proud! We'll be rooting you on with a song from our neck of the woods - Beau, Lucy, Dudley & Abby.

LizzieJane said...

Go Fudge! We know ou can do it. Poor Rob. I bet he didn't reckon on having to replace so much. It will be nice and safe when it is all complete. That is a big job for one person. So Tsar almost had squirrel for dinner! If the suirrel is smart he won't return.

knittinwolf said...

Good luck to you and Fudge...just got butterflies in my tummy for you!


Sam said...

Best of luck at the trial. Here's hoping for a Q!

Thor said...

Good luck to you and Fudge in the trial.
Keep watching the squirrel, Tsar! But be careful!
The cookie sheet blankets are beautiful! Good job!


Serendipity said...

Good luck!

Martha Basset said...

Good luck for the trials - we hope Fudge listens!
We will look forward to the pictures and stories of the event.
That sure is a lot of work on the deck but well worth it.
We hope Rob feels pleased that it is done! Sounds like he has been working extra hard.
The cookie sheet blankets looked cool.
We bet Tsar is having a great time on squirrel patrol.
I am also having to go to the dentist - glad Sky has his tooth sorted.

Tee said...

Hi Sue!

good luck tomorrow with Fudge. As for tsar we hope he gets that cheeky squirrel! Squirrels in our neck of the woods are terrified of the Dog WOods Pack!

Great looking blankets too!

Been catching up on your blogs. Glad to hear that the dogs are on the mend. It's funny how when one gets a boo-boo they all get boo-boos ... kinda like buses ... when u're waiting for one, none comes, when one come, the fleet of them arrives!


Maggie and Mitch said...

What? A nut-throwing squirrel? We hope you catch the little bugger and let him know that this is not acceptable in your yard, Tsar!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch