Monday, October 19, 2009

Dress Rehearsal

There's an important event coming up in this household on October 26, next Monday. My puppies will be three years old that day and we're celebrating with a party.

Now, Ladies, when you have an important party to attend, I'm sure you give some careful thought to what you'll wear, especially if you're the mother and aunt of the birthday kids. Samba and Morgan have been thinking about this, too.

Yesterday the three of us raided my closet and found the perfect outfits for the ladies to wear to the party.

Morgan chose deep purple to accent her pretty blonde hair. We felt the shade set off her delicate coloring perfectly.

To show off her soft black curls, Samba decided on hot pink. It also matches her personality.

The two girls tried on their new t-shirts ( I mean party dresses) and needed a few alterations. I provided some assistance by adding the attractive and fashionable knots on the hips. These kept the hems from being trampled or dragged thru the dirt.

The girls say they're ready for the party now and can stop worrying about looking their best. Now they want to know what treats I'll be providing.

Ever since Chan announced that October is National Pizza Month, Rob has felt it's his patriotic duty to eat pizza. He's had pizza for dinner four times so far this month. Please, please let me know when it's National Chocolate Month or National Ben and Jerry's Month so that I can carry out my duty.


gaylen said...

Oh that's too funny! Hasn't anyone told Rob that 1) he isn't suppose to read blogs and b) you can have pizza for breakfast and dessert too? g

ps - I'm sure I won't get approved for that last part :)

Rufus and Indie said...

You both look very cute and elegant!
Birthday parties are so cooooool!
Rufus and Indie

LizzieJane said...

How fashionable they look. A girl always has to look her best!
Let me know too when it is National Chocolate Month. I sure don't want to miss that one!

Channon said...

Ladies, you look marvelous! You chose your outfits well, and of course, my fur-girls will love the colors you selected!

I think February is National Chocolate Month, and I know Ben & Jerry's has a free ice cream day, so... I'll have to try to remember to let you know.

Marjie said...

I'm looking forward to National Chocolate Month. I made Thor an applesauce meringue cake for his birthday. It may not be perfect dog food, but he loved it, and so did his humans! Looking forward to party pictures!

Martha Basset said...

Have a great party - you look amazing in your outfits.
Good work Rob - doing your bit for pizza month!
Like you I would welcome a chocolate month but I guess that wouldn't be good for us.......

Dianne said...

Love the girls in their finery! National Ben & Jerry's month - that's a month I would love to celebrate!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

We'd celebrate any of these months - drats!! National Pizza Month is almost over - do you think we could extend it to November or is that National Turkey Month?

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Swampechaun said...

Those are great outfits - very vibrant colors work well with their coloring!

Stella said...

Oh my, you girls look truly fetching, uh, maybe charming is the word I'm looking for here. I wish you a Happy 3rd birthday, and wish I could put on my red dress and join you.

I like the idea its Pizza Month, and maybe my Mom will whip me up one to eat. Gonna go work on that!


StellaStar said...

Lookin' doggone good in those outfits! I like the new look of the blog (it's been a while...)

Maggie and Mitch said...

October is National pizza month? Why weren't we informed of this?! We'll need to start celebrating immediately!
You look beautiful in your pawty dresses, Morgan and Samba!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Sam said...

Happy birthday, pups! The pizza looks delicious. I've been craving it for some reason.

The OP Pack said...

Nothing like a dress rehearsal to get in the spirit. Mom says she would go along with National Ben and Jerry Month too.

Tail wags, the OP Pack