Sunday, October 18, 2009

Some New Friends

Our obedience trial is over. It was a three day event and although Fudge finished on Friday, I attended each day to support friends who were showing. Here are some of the new friends we met this weekend.

This is Fudge watching the activities. He was much more interested in the other dogs than in the activities in the rings.

This is Toby. He's a Wire Haired Mini-Dachshund. I fell totally in love with this dog and would have happily brought him home forever, except that his Mom is also totally in love with him. You'll see him again a little later.

This is a Kuvasz.

This is a West Highland White Terrier.

The dog in front of Fudge is a Welsh Corgi. He was getting ready for his turn in the ring.

This is Eldon. He's a Mastiff and he's shy. Eldon is very shy. I met him while his Mom and I were sitting on a bench outside drinking coffee. He didn't want to be touched and kept backing away when anyone approached him. His Mom says he's also afraid of other dogs, loud noises and just about everything else. He wears this bib that say 'My Name Is Eldon' because he drools a lot. After a few minutes of just sitting quietly next to him, he let me pet him. What a sweet boy.

Rob met Eldon, too. Because the big boy was afraid, Rob laid down on the floor to talk to him.

Even eye to eye, Eldon was creeping backwards. His Mom says he's afraid of himself, but he did really well in his class and earned a third place finish.

Here's Toby again waiting to go into the ring.

This beautiful boy had an almost perfect score of 99. Isn't that the greatest face?

This lovely Standard Poodle belongs to the lady who was our first obedience instructor. He is also shy from being abused by his first owner when he was a tiny pup.

This Chocolate Labrador Retriever was in his crate waiting for his turn. He stuck his head up to watch his brother do his run.

This is Bear, a Bearded Collie. He was there observing a friend today.

We've found the 'obedience people' to be very friendly, helpful and supportive. Everyone helps out by holding each others dogs and giving advice on how to do a move. They wish you well and applaud when you do well.


animal lover, quilt lover said...

Hello Sue,
Thank you for coming to my blog. I have enjoyed coming to your blog and seeing all the dogs. The only dog that I ever took to an obedience class was a German Shepherd Dog, named Bruce, I had in the late 70's and early 80's
I hope to get to know you. Hugs, Fern

Channon said...

Oh my... Eldon sounds like Sophie. She's painfully shy too. What a sweet parade of pups. I love that Rob slipped down to Eldon's level to make the greeting less overwhelming.

Sam said...

Looks like you had an awesome time. Hearing about the shy dogs at the trial gives me some hope that maybe Marge will be okay at ours.

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying all the pictures from the class,great Sue. best wishes Julie.C

Natalie said...

Trials are so much fun, I love going to them even though we're not competing yet! I too have found most of the people to be very friendly.