Monday, February 18, 2013

Foster Dad

When Samba and Fudge's puppies were little, Fudge was too young and crazy and rough to play much with them. But Fudge has matured and now he's enjoying the new puppies. He plays with them everyday. The girls are so happy to see him come into the yard and can't wait to start playing. This day Fudge decided to run with them.
I love this shot with all four feet in the air .
Down the hill with Sydney scrambling to keep up.
Across the yard.
The girls are getting lots of good tiring exercise. They should sleep well after this.
Now back up the hill.
This is a great workout for all three of them, though Mac sometimes takes a different route.
Sydney asks Fudge if they can do it again.

He agrees.
Fudge is slowing down a little. The girls can keep pace with him.
Fudge is getting tired and now he's following the girls back up the hill.
Fudge decided to sit by me and let the crazy puppies run on their own the third time around.
They're having too much fun to quit.
I'm really proud of how well Fudge is taking care of his girls. Unfortunately, there's always a down side. He's starting to get overly protective of the puppies with the other dogs. Last night when Noah and Sebastian walked up to their pen, Fudge got in their faces and a brawl started. I put a quick stop to it, but we'll need to keep our eye on the situation.


SissySees said...

I'm sorry he's overly protective, but gosh those are cute photos of three very happy dogs!!

gMarie said...

Oh heck! It's always something isn't it? I love that he's playing with them and being good and gentle, I'm sorry he's become so protective of them. g

bbes tribe said...

The new pups are giving him a new lease on life and bringing out the youngster in him. Good to see
Ernie and the furkids

Jo's World said...

Not a clue in the world on how to get Fudge to quit this behavior. But its sure cute to see him playing with the little girlies. Do you think he will just get over it after a little time? They wear him out enough, I bet he will find other playmates!

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Casey said...

Those are some adorable pictures! It's so much fun playing with puppies. Maybe I should come visit sometime. :)

rottrover said...

Ugh. Pack tension. Got a little going on here, too.

scotsmad said...

Fudge doesn't need any scars. But it is sweet the way he's taken to caring for 'the girls'! We think he'll sleep well, too.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Amber DaWeenie said...

What a bunch of fun! Fudge just really loves those girls. And they're growing so fast now.

Life with Wrigs said...

The photos of Fudge playing with the girls are great! Sounds like he's decided the pups are his (resource guarding?).

Susan and Wrigs

Two French Bulldogs said...

Fudge must be rejuvenated having those little rascals around. Awesome
Benny & Lily

Tammy said...

Well, I started to say that this might be just what Fudge needed to perk up and feel better... ;-) As you say, always a down side. Perhaps you can add another member of the pack to the supervised playtime with the pack, so he doesn't think they are just 'his'. Silly dogs--always something going on in their little heads. Love the shots of the girls playing like hooligans. I always love to see my girls race around, as I know it will make for nice tired (translate quiet) pups for the evening. :-) Hope you are ready for the 'big' storm Wednesday evening!


The Heartbeats said...

How cute!! Pack tension does suck! It's kinda sweet that he want to protect them tho!

Mamma Heartbeat

Ruby said...

Oh, Fudge is such a cool dude! You can see the gurls really love him, and him them. I'm sure you'll figure out how to sort out the pack tension...seems your pretty good at that! BOL

Marjie said...

The first picture, with Mac leaping toward Fudge in great joy, is just wonderful. It made me laugh! I'm so glad he's found kids he loves. I don't know how to stop him from protecting them, other than to let time take its course, so they get a little bigger. Puppy Love is a wonderful thing!

parlance said...

Such lovely pictures! It must bring you great joy to see them together. I hope his protectiveness doesn't create a problem.

Nichole said...

Love, Love, LOVE!!!!!