Saturday, February 23, 2013

Updates and Clarifications

One of my main peeves over the years has been when the news media is full of a story for days or weeks to the exclusion of everything else happening in the world, then suddenly they drop the story and go on to the next mega event without ever telling us how the first story ended. Sometimes the people involved are never heard of again and we sit here scratching our heads trying to figure out what the resolution of the oh so important story was.
I try not to copy the crazed news media, so when I post about something going on, I try to go back later and let you know how it worked out. I don't want to leave you hanging. In this post there are several loose ends to tie up.

First health issues. I'm so happy to report that finally, after weeks of worry, Noah and Fudge are over the Corona virus. They are both eating normally, maintaining their weight and having normal stools.
Sebastian's injury is healing. We hope that's the end of it but we still have the option of surgery to remove the foreign matter if necessary. Should it start to bother him again or to drain, we'll follow up, but for now he's not paying any attention to it so that's that.
Sebastian began vomiting a couple weeks ago and it was determined that he was developing an ulcer. We've been treating him with an antibiotic and Pepto twice a day and keeping him on a bland diet. He seems to be fine again and is now eating normally except that he's getting smaller rations. He needs to drop about five pounds.

Morgan is doing great. She's a little more spacy than she used to be and she sleeps harder than before, but when she's awake, she's active and part of the group.
 We've just learned that February, which is almost over, is Canine Dental Health Month. Dentistry is one of Dr B's specialties, so we get checked every time we visit him. After much stalling, I started brushing last year and I've actually seen some good results. After a rocky start Fudge and Noah both love getting their teeth brushed. They actually race each other to be first and Noah would like to brush his after every meal and every snack. Sebastian is not so keen on the idea of brushing but he has doggy breath, so I'm getting him an Orapup. Have you seen them or better yet have you tried them?
Orapup is a flat brush with soft bristles on one side. I apply the gel to the brush and Sebastian should lick it off, cleaning his tongue and removing the doggy breath. Anyway, that's how it's supposed to work. I'll let you know.

Fudge has come out of his depression. We were trying to bring him around, but the biggest factor in his recovery is the arrival of the puppies. Fudge now has an important job, playing with and training Syd and Mac. He acts like the old Fudge now, spinning and jumping and talking to us. It's good to have him back acting like a doofus. Some of you have expressed concern about Fudge being overly protective of the puppies with the other dogs. I'm actually not worried about it. As the girls get bigger and can defend themselves I don't think Fudge will feel the need to protect them.
Syd and Mac are doing well. They have moved from their nursery in the library to a pen in the laundry room where they can see us and join in the chaos. They love their playtime in the living room and attack Morgan's pile of toys with gusto. Morgan escapes before they are turned loose. Their favorite time of the day is backyard play time. Usually Fudge goes with them, though we sometimes take only the pups. Noah, Sebastian, Norma Jean and Tess have all joined them in the yard for play. We still have to make the introductions to Lola and Bailey. We chose to introduce everyone slowly over a long period to avoid overwhelming the girls. They're getting much bigger and are more able to  defend themselves from rough play with the bigger dogs.
House training is coming along better than I expected. There have been no poops in the house in over three weeks and they use pee pads in their pen overnight and when we can't get them outside in time. The hardest part is grabbing them and rushing outside when we first release them from the pen. The excitement from seeing the other dogs can cause an accident. They'll be three months old tomorrow so I'm pleased at their progress.
Rob and I are considering entering the puppies in a class and I need to sit down this weekend and look at the available options.
I've noticed a lot of Blogiversaries  being celebrated lately. The Five Sibes are celebrating theirs this weekend. Pop in and say Hi.
We have one coming up in March. I think it'll be five years, but in 29 more posts we'll be hitting out 1000th post. I'm thinking about a giveaway for that. I haven't thought up all the details yet, but I'll have more about it in the future.

Because it's almost Spring, we're getting ready for annual vet visits. This year we're going to try something new. Instead of monthly heartworm tablets, we're going to get a six month vaccination. It'll save me having to remember each month and it's less expensive. Win-win.

So that's where we are as of today. Things can change quickly around here, so stay tuned.


Life with Wrigs said...

What a terrific update! After all you have been through, it's just wonderful to read that everyone is doing so well!

I've never heard of Orapup--will have to check it out. I use a toothbrush for Wrigs.

Susan and Wrigs

Jo's World said...

I agree, its a fine update and that everyone is OK, is the best part. How are you? How is Rob? Thats the part you forgot.

Those little twerps just keep getting cuter! By six months, they will be of a grown up size.

Cheers and hugs,

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

gMarie said...

Thank you so much for the update. I'm glad to hear that the boys are feeling better and that Sebastian isn't being bothered by his strange item at the moment.

I know what you mean about Morgan sleeping hard. Abby does that too these days. The other day both Jay and I had to stop and watch her to make sure she was actually breathing while she was sleeping. I don't know if I'm super vigilant because of Lucy - but I don't ever want that to happen again. I still feel horribly responsible and like I failed her. Completely off topic for your post - sorry. g

Anonymous said...

Wow, my brain is spinning with all the catch up.
1000 post hey, Ohhhhhh your give away prize could be One of the new pups, just box her up and ship her to us, Heeheehee.
So glad they got Fudge for a protector, Ibeen around our Shadow four 4 years and she still looks after me, cause she will get between me and new people!

Your Pals
Susie & Bites

rottrover said...

I'm so glad Noah and Fudge are feeling better. Thanks for the update on everyone. It's funny the othernight as I was going to sleep I wondered about Sebastion's wound thingy, thinking maybe I'd missed a post! Thanks. I'll sleep better now!!

scotsmad said...

Glad everything is running smoothly at the moment. Just enjoy all the pups.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Nicki said...

I was using t/d on lyric with good results but then she choked on it so we had to switch, and now she's on i/d anyway so I had to start brushing. She's actually taken to it quite well.

I don't know if there has been any new on proheart but previously it wasn't labeled to protect against intestinal parasites the full 6 months, just heartworm.

SissySees said...

Thanks for the follow-ups! I'm glad everyone is doing well. We are sure we're going to have a dental battle with the new vet next week with Sissy. It is my own fault; I have been repeatedly distracted from my efforts to initiate regular dental care. However, I REFUSE to put her under for a cleaning based on the risk that on any given day, she might require emergency surgery to save her remaining right eye...

I want that pad thingee. Gg HATES the spray that works, and Sis isn't fond of it. Do you know if the gel is corn and animal product free?

Marjie said...

I'm happy to read your update! It's wonderful that everyone is on the mend, and the new girls are fitting in so well. I hope this means you are getting a little more sleep, too!

And it's really wonderful that the new pups pulled Fudge out of his depression. Good news all around in the PWD household!

Ruby said...

I agree with everyone else ~ great update! It is so good to hear that every thing is goin' well, and is calm, and as it should be. You guys really do deserve some 'normalcy' ~ if there is such a thing! BOL
Your right, the gurls really are growin' like weeds! I'm so glad that Fudge is having so much fun with them!

Tammy said...

Thanks for the updates! I'm always one of those wondering what happened to??? Sounds like puppy intros are going excellent. I'm so glad to hear that Fudge is feeling better now--the last few pictures you've taken of him his face and demeanor have looked so much happier. Anyway, glad that your news is good on all fronts. Yay! Have you ever said what breed(s) the vet think that Sebastian is? Every time I look at him he reminds me of something, but I can't put my finger on it.
And you might get your snow Monday.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Great updates! We love seeing the babies playing with the big guys
Benny & Lily

Jeanne Pursell said...

It is so good to read this fabulous update and hear that things are going good!! The pups seem to be really coming along!! Glad to hear!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Mitch and Molly said...

We're so happy that the updates are all positive good ones!
The pups will love class!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Nichole said...

Glad everyone is doing well, and extra glad you have your doofus back! The girls are growing fast!

soulbrush said...

I am so happy about Fudge, and that Syd and Mac are being so well looked after. Aren't dogs just the best!
Thanks for all your warm comments about my upcoming show- will let you know how it goes. Sooo excited. xxxx