Thursday, March 26, 2009

March Madness

If you stopped here to read about basketball, then you're in the wrong place. The March madness here is about these silly red noses mom painted on us. Please go visit the beagles at Dughallmor and while you're there vote for us, we're number 14, so we can stop wearing these silly noses. We look like we should be pulling Santa's sled.

Remember this?

Dr Nicki made this and had a contest. Yesterday she announced that we had won the blanket. Thank you to all our friends who visited her blog and told her we sent you.

Today Morgan and Samba went with us to pick up our new blanket. Les and Dr Nicki greeted us.

I had to have a word with Samba about acting like a lady. She was very excited and thought she should get a treat.

She was paying more attention to the Scottie that walked into the exam room than she was to her new blanket.

When she saw the camera, she decided to pose.

When we arrived home everyone was interested in examining the blanket.

I think Fudge is claiming it and telling Noah to forget about it.

The one who wanted the blanket most was Tsar. He really was taken with it and since he sleeps on the hard tile floor most nights, I think it will become his blanket. Samba sleeps on the bed with me, so she doesn't need a soft nest the way Tsar does.

I missed a milestone last week. March 18 was the one year anniversary of my blog. It sure doesn't feel like I've been posting for a whole year. I never thought I'd have enough to say to keep it going this long. Thank you everyone for reading about my spoiled pups.

While driving to the clinic today we noticed a couple signs. This one at our clinic was amended to include the male population. We're glad they made the change.

We thought this sign was pretty funny. If you're in the market for a huge kid, this is the place. I would suggest if you're buying more than one that you bring a horse trailer or some other large vehicle to transport them home.

Don't forget to visit all the other dogs on Dogs On Thursday, and when you get to Dughallmor Beagles, be sure to vote.


LizzieJane said...

Congratulations on winning that lovely blanket, hopefully they all will share.
I love those those funny signs, when ever we would travel across country we would always look for funny signs to make the trip go faster and keep us amused.
A belated Congratulations on your one year blog anniversary. I have been at it for over a year too. I never thought I could come up with anything interesting to say, now it seems you can't shut me up!

Tee said...

That's a nice red blanket ... I hope it'll keep Tsar nice and cosy :)

Its much too warm to use blankets at Dog Woods ... we much prefer our cool tile floors. Hehehehe.

Licks and Wags

Tuffy of Dog Woods

momsue84 said...

Such a delightful post. I am so glad you started your blog a year ago. Happy blogiversary. I'll go vote, and glad the blanket is a big hit.

Dianne said...

I just voted - good luck!

gaylen said...

I'm glad Tsar got a new bright red blankie. He'll look lovely sleeping on it. Love Fudge telling Noah no (but we've all decided I'm partial).

the signs are pretty funny. g

Nichole said...

Congrats on winning the pretty blanket and I just LOVE that "Yeah, I'm a winner and you know it" pose!!!!!

Channon said...

What a cute post! I'm so glad Tsar expressed an interest in a cozy bed. Good luck with the red nose contest!

knittinwolf said...

Congrats on the blanket, very cool!

Love the red nose reindogs!

Happy DOT!

soulbrush said...

ha ha love da noses, will definitely vote, and love the blankie too, and hey at last i see a photo of you too. yippeee. happy dt to all the gang.

Gnat said...

How cute!! Congrats on the blanket and love the red noses!!

Tobi said...

Wow - so much going on in today's post. First, congrats on winning the blanket. Love the red noses - very silly, but adorable none the less and we love the silly around here. Lastly - those signs were hilarious. HUGE KIDS SALE! That is a good one.

Marjie said...

We're no basketball fans, either, and that blanket looks better than any old ball game! Love the posing for the camera. They understand more than most people think!

Nicki said...

Congrats on one year. I'm glad Tsar will enjoy the blanket

Niamh said...

Neat blanket. I'm sure it is nice and warm.

Your friend,

dreameyce said...

CONGRATS on winning the blankie! Had I known you were the "Sue" on that post, I would have said you sent me too! hahaha

And when I'm in the market for a huge kid, I'll let you know. At this point though, my bitty one is all I have energy for! haha

PS You share your blogaversary with Galaxy!