Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What Happened To Spring?

I've been hearing from friends whose trees are flowering and whose crocus and daffodils are open. On Friday it was in the seventies here and over the weekend it hit 80, so Morgan and I decided to walk around the yard and see if we cold find any signs of spring.

I think Morgan was more interested in looking for bunnies than flowers. She knows there are some that live under the Forsythia bush, so that's where we started.

The Forsythia has a yellow cast to the entire bush and has buds, but although the one up the block is in bloom, ours has some time left before it opens.

The Iris leaves are pushing up, but still have a long way to go.

The Daffodils are up and have swelling buds, but they are also waiting .

We checked the shady corner near the fence where the wild violets grow. The little leaves are just unfurling. No flowers yet.

We did find some weeds with tiny purple flowers. They add a little early color to the rather dull yard.

The Maple tree has buds that are getting ready to open.

These tiny blue flowers are also weeds.

We have a yew hedge in the front of the house. It's covered with tiny little cones that will add new growth over the next few weeks.

Morgan got tired of looking for flowers and decided she'd like to go get some bacon.

Last night, after a hot day, the temperatures dropped back into the low thirties. There's talk of snow in the forecast. I guess the warm temps were just a teaser and the plants are wise in waiting to flower. I hope we get a nice long spring with moderate temperatures. I can wait for the hot weather.

In case the real spring brings the expected mud along with it, I've scheduled spa appointments for all the dogs. I'm having them all trimmed short. They may look a little odd for a few weeks, but they'll sure be easier to keep clean and neat.


gaylen said...

what a fun post. I love that Morgan decided she wanted bacon. Yum! g

soulbrush said...

we have to cut snuffs really short in the summer, she does get very do yours cope with the heat? oh sweet morgan, he just didn't understand why his mama wanted to go look at plants....boooriiing mama. hugs to the gang...and can't wait to see the 'spa' post!

dreameyce said...

We're having indecisive weather here too... We've had all types of weather the past few days alone, from sunny t-shirt weather, so snow and hail!

I think the world can't decide what it wants to do, or it's just playing practical jokes on gardeners ;)

Channon said...

That was cute.

We have snow tonight and tomorrow, so they say. Yesterday, it was near 80. Crazy.

Nichole said...

Zeus will join Morgan in search of critters...

LizzieJane said...

If only it were 70 degrees here. I about froze yesterday when I took a walk but we did get some good photos so it was worth it.