Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Naked Dogs, Parts 3, 4 & 5

Yesterday Morgan, Tess and Norma Jean went to the spa. I always worry a little about this group. Morgan suffers from severe anxiety, Tess is nervous in new situations and Norma Jean can't keep her feet on the ground. I waited for the phone call telling me to come pick up my out of control dogs. It never came.

When we arrived to pick them up I received a glowing report. Morgan was well behaved. I expected that. Tess was good, but a little squirmy. That was good. Then C said that she'd take Norma Jean any time, that she jumps on the table by herself, stands still and cooperates fully. Now that one I didn't expect.

Here are the before and after shots.

Morgan before.

Morgan after. I'm really proud of her. Since the beginning of the year she's lost six pounds and now has a waist again.

Tess before.

Tess after.

She did great today. I'm always relieved when her turn is over because I know how stressful it is for her. After a good run, then dinner and a nap, she's back to normal.

Here's Norma Jean before.

This is Norma Jean after.

Isn't she sharp looking? I'm really proud of her for behaving so well today, but I don't really understand it. Can it be that the training is working except around me?

You all come back and visit us soon.


soulbrush said...

i'm getting to know them more and more. i will e mail you later with a suggestion/request....ha ha
my second name is tess, so for now she is my favourite, mind you norma jean is a cutey too....mind you....

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Cute post! We heard there was nakedness over here....BOL! Wow, the before and afters are SO different, especially with Norma Jean (great name BTW!) Glad they all behaved :D
Slobbers xx

momsue84 said...

They look so comfortable and cool. Love the pics of your pups, naked or otherwise. And they are such tried and true members of the family. Lucky us to share our lives with our canine loved ones.

Channon said...

Go Norma Jean! That's awesome. Fred REALLY got stressed at the groomer's too, so I'm glad it went well for everyone.

Dianne said...

Love those before and after shots!

LizzieJane said...

How lovely they look with their new Do's! Love seeing the befoore and after pic's. Now maybe you cold get crafty and knit hubby a sweater with all that "wool"!

Nichole said...

Very cute... esp Miss Norma Jean! Smooches to your pack!

gaylen said...

I think they are all beautiful. Personally, I think they look better trimmed - you can see how shapely the girls are that way.

As for Norma Jean being good for the groomer and not you? Typical behavior of a child. They make you proud in public and hide your head in shame at home. g

Criquette said...

What beautiful girls! I hope they got lots of treats for being so good.