Saturday, March 21, 2009

Naked Dogs, Parts 8 & 9

Well, everyone except Tsar has been to the spa. The big fellow is an whole other story. He has to be sedated in order to shave him into a lion clip, so we'll hold off a little while and then get his teeth cleaned and his root canal x-rayed at the same time. I try to combine everything I can think of to do while he's out.

Today was Noah and Sky's turn. They usually behave well, so I didn't have any worries when I dropped them off. When I picked them up it was a different story. Apparently Noah couldn't stand still and was squirmy all through his haircut. Sky stood still, but his hair is so thick now that C could barely shave through it.

Sky before.

Sky after.

Noah before.

Noah after.

They were feeling full of energy when they got home and after big drinks, they raced around the yard. There's such a size difference in these brothers. Sky weighs 70 pounds and Noah weighs 48. Sky is a couple inches taller, too. They are the best of friends and that's what matters.


LizzieJane said...

They all look so lovely. They remind me of the sheep in England after they are shorn.

Gingerbread said...

What a pair of handsome fellas, they look happy and content. My bonnie is fast asleep next to me at the moment, after a nice fresh sunny walk this morning we had all the fields to ourselves. Also I came home with yet 2 more balls that she found, do you think she is starting a collection. best wishes Julie.C

momsue84 said...

So cute! Friends are so important, even to our canine children. Love the pictures!

Nicki said...

They all look so sharp and clean! If you ever need me to do anything for the dogs let me know, what I don't know I can always look up or find out!

Channon said...

I love their winter 'dos. I'm chilly right now, so seeing their short, short cuts makes me shiver!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous. I want one PWD and you have ten! And you seem to take great care of them. I'm still not sure if I can keep up with one energy wise, but I'm glad I have your blog to give me a PWD fix whenever I need one.