Friday, March 13, 2009

Naked Dogs, Parts 1 & 2

Last night Fudge fulfilled his duties as name selector for where the book goes next. I dropped it at FedEx a few minutes ago and it's on it's way to Gaylen. Enjoy.

This morning we rose before the sun to get everyone outside and fed before taking Samba and Fudge to the spa for their summer haircuts. They were both kind enough to pose for me before we left the house.

Samba before.

Samba after.

Samba before.

Samba after.

Fudge before.

Fudge after.

They came home all charged up and starving. They don't get their usual number of treats when they're away from home. After a good run around in the back yard and a delicious dinner, they are now both napping at my feet. Miss C said they both behaved very well and she found no unusual lumps or bumps on either of them. These haircuts, though a bit drastic will help keep them clean thru the spring and cooler in the summer.


LizzieJane said...

My how handsome they are, and how different they look. I wonder if they are feeling a might chilly... you might have to knit them some litte sweaters!
Have a wonderful weekend!

soulbrush said...

a-dor-a-ble...what cutie pies, and perfect for the coming they love it...can't wait to see the others too. hugs.

gaylen said...

Oh - they look so cold! Poor naked babies. I love the color of Fudge - he's beautiful - with or without hair. g

Gingerbread said...

They are still good looking dogs, I am sure they must feel better for a trim. Julie.C

silfert said...

Reminds me of the time I did a spinning demo for a zoo on shearing day. There I was, a growing pile of fleece beside me and a prickly sensation on the back of my neck. I looked up, and ALL of the sheep were lined up at the rail.

"You've got our sweaters! Give 'em ba-a-ack!"

Tee said...

woo, they've skinnied down in a jiffy! Now why can't the chief do that instead of putting us on die-t :p

Licks and Wags,

Tuffy of Dog WOods

Channon said...

Oh!! When I see a clipped dog, I always remember our Airedale... he was always so ashamed when he lost his locks. Your crew seems to feel no pain!

Dianne said...

Love the before and after pictures. They look so cute in their naked-ness!

dreameyce said...

Stripper Portes! heh

Gnat said...

They are so cute!! And such short hair! :)