Saturday, March 21, 2009

Off To The Races

Yesterday afternoon just before dinner the pack went outside to play. Rob had been trimming some trees and there were some new sticks and branches on the ground, so of course they had to be carefully checked out.

A few needed immediate attention.

Then suddenly Bailey jumped up and started racing down the hill.

Soon all the pups joined in and they circled the yard several times.

I love to watch them all play together just like they did when they were little.

After a big run like that everyone was ready to go inside and settle down till dinner.

I'm glad they got all that energy out yesterday because today is cool and rainy. They've been out several times today, but they don't really want to stay out in the rain. I guess without their heavy coats, they feel the rain more.

Today has been a lazy day. I got up at 7 with the dogs, ran them and fed them, then we all went back to bed and I slept till 10. Our friend Brendon called from the restaurant he manages to tell us he made mushroom soup. That sounded good on a rainy day, so we went out for lunch. Now I've just fed the dogs and plan to do some crafting tonight in front of the TV.


soulbrush said...

what a great big yard you have for the gang, what a fun day and mmmm mushroom soup, all sounds good to me. hugs from a sunny london too.

Dughallmor Beagles said...

WOW!!! Looks like a fantastic game of zoomies you guys had....has a day at the spa put springs in your paws? Or is Spring just in the air?You look great running together :D Did your red nose come yet? We may have to postpone the deadline for entries....
Slobbers xx

Nicki said...

It's like doggie daycare every day!

gaylen said...

How big is your yard? Did I see initial scratched into the tree? Inside a heart?

It's easy to see Tsar with his still long coat. Why doesn't he get a shave? g

LizzieJane said...

What a wonderful day! They all like like they had heaps of fun playing with their new sticks, I bet they were pretty tired after they came in the house.

Ashi said...

Hi Sue, I was trying to find a way to contact you but can't see a way other than through the comments.

I wanted to know if I can keep your storm+dogs+closet story up somewhere (you posted it as a comment on Emily's blog) and wanted to put it up on my website, with with your permission, and to list the copyright as yours. (But I don't know who to list the copyright as belonging to :)

Sue said...


You are welcome to use my closet story. I have updated my profile adding my e-mail. Will you let me know the address of your site so I can visit you.

GoldenTracks said...

Hey Sue
my blog;s back up. come by to visit. there's a messagethere for ya

Channon said...

I love watching your pack at play. Maybe soon I'll have photos of the girls at play in their pen, where they'll be spending more time now!

gaylen said...

JB was blog reading over my shoulder last night so I had to give him a crash course on your dogs. I can identify 3 - Tsar, Morgan & Fudge! After that we just scrolled back through so he could meet them all :) g

Thor said...

Hi guys!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Watching you running and having fun in your yard is very cool!
You are such a beautiful doggies! Lovely pictures!
I really like your blog. Hope we can be friends =)


Persephone and Buster said... about the great race!! I hope you have a lake in that backyard as well. you guys would be awesome all diving off the dock! good to see you pwd's...
thanks for visiting our blog.
3 blue dogs,
theBUSTER, Ms.Persephone & Ms. Blue too

Tee said...

Woooo, now yoos are as many as us at Dog Woods!
Licks and Wags

Tuffy of Dog WOods

She Seeketh Wool and Flax said...

You have a lot of furry friends. Bless you. How many in Total?
Thanks for visiting my Blog, I just had to change it over and let everyone know, I am so excited about this. I am going to post your blog on my favorites, is that OK. Stop by and say Hi again, and yes please let me know of any stories to post.