Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Seven Down, Three To Go

Today was the day. This morning we loaded Tsar, Morgan and Samba in the car and went to their vet visit. Tsar was reluctant to go in, and once inside kept going to the door and scratching to go out. When we entered the exam room Samba immediately jumped onto the table and from there reached onto the counter to get a treat. The treat jar was moved to the other side of the counter.

Samba had a good report card. She has a little cyst on her back, but it's not one to worry about. Morgan had a good report, too. She still has her anxiety problems that we treat daily and also has a little cyst on her back. Dr B detected the start of a little arthritis in her legs, but nothing too severe. Tsar did well, too. He has a slight noise when breathing, sort of wheeze. Dr B said it seems to be just older dog noise, nothing to worry about, but something to watch. They were all happy to get home and join the rest of the pack.

This afternoon it was the turn of the four girls. When we got to the hospital they were very excited and it took a little while for them to calm down. They first started removing pamphlets from the display in the exam room, till I removed them from the display case and put them out of reach. Then they discovered the scrub sink in the room. They immediately did what water dogs do, went for the water.

Drinking from the sink kept them amused for most of the visit.

Lola and Bailey each had great exams. Norma Jean has to watch her weight. Tess has her leg problems, but so far they aren't causing her any discomfort. She still runs and jumps with the others.

They really were pretty well behaved after the initial excitement. The Doctor was pleased with them and everybody received a yummy treat when they were finished. Each dog gets a written report card that covers seventeen areas. Although no one had a perfect card, there were no major red marks of concern.

On Friday the three remaining boys will have their visit, then I can relax again.


gaylen said...

I love that they were drinking water from the Rob fountain. Too cute. See you made it with flying colors and so did 7 of the kids. The remaining three will be awesome! g

Channon said...

Congrats to you and the pack! I'm going to ask my vet for report cards. It would make me feel better to have something like that in my grubby little hands, rather than just hearing they're good to go. Actually, Sissy's upcoming exam will be the first annual visit with this vet, as Mugsy didn't make it a full year with them...

soulbrush said...

hip hip hurray, 3 cheers for all of them, what awesome photos. rob looks quite at ease and relaxed with the whole event. god they are all so gorgeous. i still can't tell them apart nor do i know all their names yet, but i love all the info about them. thanks for the update.

LizzieJane said...

Hooray, hooray for a good vet visit.
What fun to see them at the vet, thank you for sharing those photos. I secretly think that everyone at your vet clinic really enjoys when all of them visit!