Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Please

We wanted to see if the experience we had a couple weeks ago with the watermelon was a one time thing or if it was something they really liked.

Rob cut the melon up in little bite size pieces again and put it in the pink tub.

Because Samba hogged the melon last time, we decided to split them up. Samba would be in the second group. Morgan and the pups went first. They know good things come in that pink tub.

It's hard to see, but Norma Jean is jumping pretty high in this shot.

Everybody looks pretty excited.

I'm telling them to sit, but only some are paying attention.

Well, it seems to be a hit, again.

Morgan wasn't playing nicely. She'd growl at the others to keep away. After we told her to stop, she did and she and Noah shared.

They each try to get the very last piece.

Next we brought the older dogs out.

Fudge showing that he can fly.

That boy has trouble keeping four on the floor.

It's hard to set the tub down with him bouncing up so high.

Finally Rob got the tub down and they dove in. Hmm, it seems that Morgan is back for a second round.

These two want to monopolize the melon. They're scooping it up as fast as they can.

Samba got a little carried away.

Sky and Tsar aren't as pushy as the others and they weren't getting their share. Rob gave Sky a helping hand.

The last time we had melon, Tsar didn't like it. We gave him a piece and he spit it out. This time he thought he'd might like to try it, but he wasn't into fighting Samba for it.

He's a big old gentle guy, so I handed him a piece and he decided that he does like melon after all.
So the answer is, yes, watermelon is a very popular summer treat on a hot afternoon. Just make sure everyone gets a share. Go check out Dogs-N-More and join our discussions.


Thor said...

Watermelon is delicious! Glad you sharing some, guys! Great pictures!

Gingerbread said...

Yes I think that went down very well its ideal for them, bonnie likes ice cream but you have to hold the cone, and then it dribbles down your hand and she licks that as well. The weather is not very warm where I live, but we still enjoy the garden.Julie.C

Maggie and Mitch said...

Yeaaaaaaaaaaa, Tsar! We knew you'd change your mind! What a wonderful summer treat watermelon is!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Channon said...

Loved the "air" shots. My girls shall have watermelon this weekend!

The OP Pack said...

Lookslike your pack really loves their wallymelon. We tried it here. Thunder thinks it is great, Phantom walked away from it:( But his is Picky Boy so no surprise there.

Thanks for your kind words for Phantom.

woo, the OP Pack

Nichole said...

Great shots!!!!!!

gaylen said...

Watermelon is a good treat indeed. And of course they weren't listening to you tell them to sit - you weren't holding the pink bucket. That sure looks yummy. g

Rachael said...

I'm gong to have to try this with my babies. Thanks.

knittinwolf said...

Wow, they really love that melon....tooo cute!

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Hi guys n gals, what a great post....and a lovely summery treat....watermelon's coool!
Nope, we're still at the dumb library but at least it's letting us put pics on again....for the first time in weeks!

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Hehe....we're a bit out of practise at the old comments.....meant to say....slobbers xx
Oh, and LOVE that pic of Tsar....what a handsome gentleman!

soulbrush said...

can't remember what you said you did with the pips do they eat them. another fun post...happy DOy to you, no post from snuffles today, i am too exhausted. there's an award for you on my blog today.

Marjie said...

I love the flying Fudge photos! Does Tsar ever just stand back and look at the rest of the frenzied pack, thinking, "Guys, chill out!"?

Rachael Rabbit said...

So cute they like melon. Perfect for a hot sunny day!

claudie said...

That I will have to try.
Glad I found you Sue. I have 6 dogs as of last Monday. I rescue cats and dogs. I love them all.
One of my girls, Sasha also pants like your baby. She's 10, has short little legs and tires easily. I have no records as of yet from previous owners. : (
I will keep in touch with your blog. I love it.
Happy DOT
Love Claudie

Vivian said...

All of my dogs love watermelon. Trinket can eat it off the rind if I hold a slice for him. It's so cute to see the lines of little white teeth working on the red melon. I did the same for our rescue Westie, Macie, and she just went CHOMP, including the finger! Never tried that again.

fiberdoodles said...

Hi Sue,

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and the sweet welcome to DOT. Since your visit I have posted my DOT for this week. I hope you can come back and meet my little pack of happiness.

Your dogs are gorgeous! And watermelon? I would have never thought. I'm thinking a picnic in the dog park sounds like a plan!

Have a great day,

Tee said...

ohhhh, now that's a thought! Think i'll got try that out with the dogs! Thanks for sharing.

Also I think dogs can differentiate colours ... we have a couple of different coloured rubber balls and Joe likes his black ball, Trixie his blue and TUffy his blue!


Rose said...

Cool post on the watermelon (pun intended)... MaggieMae likes it too, but when I threw the rind into my flowers along the fence, she decided she needed some roughage too, and chomped down a piece of that! She keeps stealing my compost material! She likes grass too. Strange dog... lol.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

This is a wonderful blog!!

Thank you for entering our "Stick out your tongue" contest. We are still working on visiting all of the contestants. We hope to choose a winner by the weekend and get all of the photos posted.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

wally said...


'Nuff said.

wally t. melon.