Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good News, Bad News

Last week Nicki located an old x-ray and sent me a photo of it. Who would think a two year old x-ray would bring me such happiness? This one was the first glimpse we all had of Samba's puppies. Up till then we had no sign of life, Dr B couldn't feel any puppies and there was no visible sign of movement. This was taken just a few days before they were born.

If you look carefully, you'll see nine little round heads with backbones attached. They were all crammed in there pretty tightly. I was really happy to get this picture to put in the front of their baby album.

Early today the New York Times ran an article stating that the Obamas are getting a Portuguese Water Dog in April after a family vacation. People Magazine tomorrow is running a cover story on Michelle Obama with the same information. Later today the LA Times ran the story, but shortly after that the Chicago Tribune claimed that a White House Spokesperson said a decision hasn't been made. MSNBC tonight also had a segment on the new First Dog, claiming it would be a PWD.

There have been a lot of rumors in the Portuguese Water Dog community for several months about this matter and most of us have mixed feelings. I'd like to see the breed I love and have lived with for so long recognized for it's great attributes. I'm also very worried about what the publicity might do to the breed. I've seen fame damage other breeds and I don't want to see it happen to my beloved Porties.

What the PWD community knows that the public doesn't is this. Several weeks ago Senator Ted Kennedy, who has two adult PWDs, Sunny and Splash, took possession of a new puppy called Cappy. We all wondered about the timing because the Senator is so ill, but the rumor is that he took the puppy with the intention of presenting it as a gift to the Obama girls when the time was right.

This is Amigo's Captain Courageous. He may some day be living in the White House.

This afternoon we made a visit to Dr B. Sky broke his tooth over the weekend and I was hoping it wasn't serious. It was. The tooth is snapped off and the pulp is exposed. Our options were an extraction which could weaken his jaw or a root canal which is more difficult, more expensive and doesn't prevent the tooth from being damaged again in the future. Great choices, right?

Here's Sky listening to the Doctor explain the options.

While Sky and I were talking with the doctor, Rob and Morgan were in the waiting room chatting with the techs and other clients.

Morgan enjoyed watching the other dogs getting out of cars and being dragged into the office.

I was leaning toward extraction, so we wouldn't have to deal with this again, but Rob felt strongly that we should do the root canal. He didn't like the idea of weakening the jaw.

Friday morning Sky will be having a root canal.


Gnat said...

Wow...a doggie root canal...Please keep us posted. Hope it goes smoothly. He is a very attentive patient I see.

They are all so darn cute! Hope the WH figures things out.

Dianne said...

That x-ray is so special. Poor Sky, though. Root canals are no fun.

gaylen said...

Sky really looks likes he's paying close attention. My dogs are always just sniffing around for the treats. g

dreameyce said...

How bad was the snap? Is it at all possible to get a cap? Those are usually cheaper, when possible than a root canal, and also safer than removing the tooth.

Covy, our most expensive, and troublesome dog, has broken and chipped multiple teeth, and one we were able to have work on.

dreameyce said...

Oh and the whitehouse doggie topic... I too have mixed emotions. I would if it was 'my breed' also.

I really hope that the general public doesn't rush out to add a Portie to their homes, causing a puppy mill spike in this not-so-common breed.

The other likelihood, is for Doodles, and Poos in cruddy petstores to be called Porties... I've seen them call dogs things they are not JUST for sales. The general public is STOOPID. It would suck to have a bunch of Doodle Poos labled as Porties, and their problems giving the Portie a bad rep... hopefully it doesn't happen :)

The Obamas themselves seem very mindful, and personally, I really see a Portie fitting in wonderfully with their family. I think it's a great breed choice for them, based on the Porties I've met, and adored. The questions now is, how the public responds to the breed, and breed choice.

LizzieJane said...

Well I learn something new everytime I visit your blog...I had no idea that they did doggy root canals. I hope Skye will be ok.
I loved seeing the x-ray, my word there was not any more room in there, I bet she was glad when they all were born.
Have a wonderful weekend Sue.

Channon said...

The Knight had to confirm that you weren't really serious last night and he won't be Sky-sitting next week after his own QUAD root canals.

Is Sen. K is PWD supporter? Will he see to it that darling Cappy is properly socialized for the rest of his life, and can Cappy return to the Kennedy pack if things don't work out? THAT would make me feel better...

knittinwolf said...

I've never heard of a dog having a root canal! I've had so many..poor baby feel sorry for them! Hope everything goes well!

vegasangelbrat said...

Did the Dr. have a treat in his hand? lol He really looks like he's paying real close attention! Godo luck on the root canal!
Lets hope this White House doggie thing works out, but you know they will have a trianer and all so will it really be the Obama's pet?

Nichole said...

I think the Obamas will have the best help possible with their new pup, so if he ends up going to the White House, I applaud Senator Kennedy (who's amazing with his dogs) for helping.

Vivian said...

Hope Sky is doing well after the root canal. my dogs can never be that relaxed in the vet office. A portie in the White House, they sure are cute enough to deserve it!

soulbrush said...

i was so excited to hear about the obama's new dog, what a thrill and yahoo for you.

Stacey said...

I think the choice of a PWD is great for the Obamas...but I do hope they look to shelters to find one.