Friday, February 27, 2009

The Tooth Fairy Comes Tonight

This morning we dropped Sky at All Creatures. He needed a root canal on his broken tooth. I didn't really know a lot about how root canals are done so the staff was great about taking pictures and explaining just what the steps are in the process.

They called me at several points during the procedure to let me know how my boy was doing and now I'll share just what happened today.

No food or water for Sky after 6PM last evening. That made for some very unhappy dogs at bedtime when there were no cookies. This morning Sky had to be at the hospital at 7:30 for blood work and and some pre-op sedatives and pain meds.

His tech set everything up for the procedure .

Sky was intubated for his anesthetic. His heart and blood pressure were monitored and he was given fluids throughout the procedure.

Here is the broken tooth.

The top broken part is cut off. Holes are drilled in the tooth and a probe is put in. X-rays are taken to make sure the probe is all the way into the tooth. All the pulp must be extracted so they need to be sure it goes as far as it can go.

The pulp is extracted and an anti-microbial agent is put in to kill any bacteria in the canal. Then the canal is flushed over and over to be sure everything is out.

Once the canal is good and clean, a filler is injected to completely fill the canal.

The filler is cured with a light.

Finally the tooth is rounded and smoothed.

This is the finished tooth. It's a little shorter than before, but is safe now and won't let harmful bacteria into his system. The procedure took approximately three hours.

Sky came home this afternoon with some pain meds and will be on a soft diet for a few days. There must be no chewing of hard objects and he goes back for a check up in a week. He's still pretty groggy and is resting in the office for the evening. The little blue bandage was where his IV was inserted. I'm sure by tomorrow he'll be feeling good as new. I want to thank Dr B and the staff who not only gave Sky great care, but also took these pictures so I could better understand what happened today.


gaylen said...

Oh poor Skye - my teeth ache just thinking about it. Have a great weekend. g

soulbrush said...

what a fascinating post sue. and what a palarva. i never knew they did these for dogs. it's a huge thing even for us humans and costs a fortune these days. well done sky and soon you'll be all well again. i just love the blue plaster on the leg...aaaaaaawwwww. i am going to add you to my sidebar again so that i can visit more often. lotsa hugs to you and rob and the whole gang.

LizzieJane said...

Oh poor baby, I am sure he will be feeling just great in a day or two. Thanks for the pic's Sue, my goodness it is just the same for a human except we aren't put out...maybe we should be!
Give him a big hug from me.

Channon said...

We'll wait a few days and send treats, because the Knight and I are grateful for Sky's tooth tutorial... now WE know what to expect on Tuesday and Thursday!

I'm so glad you have an exceptional vet!

Dianne said...

Ouch! Love the pictures, though.