Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday At Home

Yesterday was sunny and cool, perfect weather for playing in the yard. We have an old hula hoop that we used when the pups were little. I'd hold it touching the ground and they'd walk through it. As they got a little bigger and more coordinated, I'd raise it an inch or two off the ground and they'd step over it. My idea was to get them to the height where they were jumping through it. I'm not sure who lost interest first, but the hula hoop has just been lying around and no one pays any attention to it.

Yesterday I rolled it down the hill and Tess ran after it.

She tried to catch it, but once it dropped, she left it there and came back to us.

Morgan, even with all her mental problems, is a fierce competitor. She walked down the hill, grabbed the hula hoop and dragged it back up the hill.

She stood there playing with it and suddenly everyone became very interested in the hoop. Maybe we'll get back to practicing with it.

Once everyone was tired out from running and playing and ready for a nap, Rob and I, and Morgan, went out for lunch.

We each had some left overs for doggy dinner, so Morgan saw two white boxes heading for the car.

Rob had a burger and fries.

I had broiled chicken and veggies. That means the dogs get 'coop and turf' for dinner. I'm in the process of switching them from one brand of dog food to another, so everyone gets a mix plus some chicken and beef topping. Yum.


Nichole said...

What a fun Sunday!

Dianne said...

"Coop and turf" - I love it! Perfect after a morning of playing with the hoop!

GoldenTracks said...

love the reference to Coop and Turf. Perhaps Outback Steakhouse would add that to the menu. LOL!

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Send me your address to goldentracks at gmail dot com so I can get it into the mail.
Congratulations! I think you will enjoy it.

Monika said...

I just came over from Yvonne's blog. I scrolled through your posts, skimming, but really just looking at your beautiful pups! They seem to be very engergetic! :o)

LizzieJane said...

Looks like everyone had a fun Sunday. Who knew that doggies love hoola hoops!

Channon said...

Great fun! I can see Sissy sprinting through the woods with a hoop now...

What brand of food are you moving to?