Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It Might As Well Be Spring

Spring comes earlier in Missouri than in many of the places I've lived. In Central New York we didn't expect Spring until late May and even in Maryland we were told to wait till mid April to plant anything. Today is only February 10 and I know that winter may still have a few punches left for us, but I'm starting to see unmistakable signs of my favorite season.

The Nandina still has it's winter color, but coming up through the center are little green shoots.

Bentley's plum tree has buds that are starting to swell.

The Forsythia has buds and is taking on a yellow color that gives a hint of things to come.

Under last years dead leaves new little Iris leaves are starting up.

These little purple flowers are weeds that take over our back yard in spring. I don't get upset about weeds. Anything green is preferable to mud.

These geese were flying low over us heading north. They may have only been heading to a pond somewhere nearby, but maybe they know something we don't.

This one was coasting along behind the others.

Last Friday Rob came home with a little flower pot wrapped in foil. Inside were some bright green leaves. I knew it was too early to set them outside, so I put them under a light in the kitchen. On Monday morning I found these.

Surely, with all these subtle signs, Spring must be on the way.


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Lovely encouraging pics. I love spring and some of our trees have buds too :o)

LizzieJane said...

Wonderful pics and I so appreciated them today as old man winter dumped more snow on us again! I know it will end soon, right?

Channon said...

We're having similar signs, only while you have hope, I have fear - fear that winter is going to come nip these sweet sights of spring in the bud!

Cat said...

I love tulips! All your photos are wonderful! Thanks for posting!