Saturday, February 14, 2009

Party Time

Rob and I went out for lunch today to celebrate Valentine's Day. Morgan went as usual and we invited Fudge since it's his birthday.

We don't usually have doggy birthday parties, but it's Valentine's Day and the weather is nice and it's been a long winter, so we had a party for Fudge.

I didn't bake a cake. Instead they had Frosty Paws and special cookies.

Doesn't that look good enough to eat? We held it outdoors to avoid some of the mess.

Did someone say there's a party?

Samba, our Alpha dog didn't waste any time getting into hers.

The birthday boy was interested, but he was too excited to finish his.

Sky's a food hound. This was his first ever Frosty Paws and he thought it was great.

Tsar can't eat frozen things. The cold makes him sick, so he stuck to yogurt.

Morgan got comfortable to eat hers.

Norma Jean liked it, but was so excited that she only ate a little bit.

Lola thinks it tastes pretty good.

Noah entertained himself by tossing the container around, then pouncing on it.

Bailey held hers tightly and finished every drop.

Tess seemed to enjoy her treat.

Fudge got into it.

Here they're finishing up the Frosty Paws. This was the most quiet they've ever been.

Tsar was the first to get a cookie.

Four sisters enjoy their cookies.

Rob trying to make them remember their manners.

Is there any more?

Consider having ten two year-olds with sugar highs running around the house and you'll have an idea of what we experienced this afternoon. Now they're all stretched out in various spots around the house sleeping it off.


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Heehee, ten two year olds? Sounds like a pawty! Lucky dogs getting tasty treats :D
Hope you all had a great Valentines Day!
Slobbers xx

gaylen said...

It looks like big fun. Your dogs are so well behaved. Nobody was jumping up trying to sniff the cookies before they were handed out. g

LizzieJane said...

Giggle giggle...what a fun party and how brave were you! Thanks for posting those wonderful pics, if I can't be there in person getting a Frosty Paws at least I can enjoy it with those pics.

Channon said...

What fun! I admire your ability to snap photos of your pack so regularly. Do you live with your camera around your neck?