Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our New Gardener

In every family it seems there's one child who tests the rules and pushes the limits. My sister was the one in our family. My Mom used to tell stories of the trouble her sister got into when she was young. We don't have human children, but our canine children are following the same path. In a pack of rowdy dogs that enjoy getting into trouble, we have a standout.

All my PWDs are thieves. Most of them will bring their stolen goods to show me and Fudge will walk back and forth in front of me, humming to get my attention. If I ignore him, he'll nudge me to show off his prize. They know I'll just take it away, but they have to show off.

Bailey, however, likes to keep whatever she steals. She'll take it to her favorite spot in the yard and if it's a small item, she'll lie on top of it to hide it from the others. If it's larger, she'll try to secure it somehow.

Yesterday I fed the younger dogs and sent them outside. I was in the process of feeding the older dogs, when I looked out the window to see Bailey run past with my watering can. It had been stored on top of a ladder and she must have climbed up to get it.

She was running around the yard with it. I use the can to water my plants on the deck.

When I called her she ran toward me, but swerved before I could reach her. She didn't want to give up her prize.

I guess she knew from my tone that I wanted the can back in one piece, so she stopped to think about it.

This would really be fun to keep.

Here she has her foot thru the handle so her sisters can't take it from her. Tess likes to carry plastic flower pots around the yard and would probably like a turn with the watering can.

Finally, when offered a bribe, the promise of a cookie, she returned the can to me.

Gardening isn't easy with this group. If I turn the hose on, they all try to get into the spray. They steal my tools and pots. I have a couple large containers that have young trees planted in them. Bailey and Lola like to stand in the containers and dig. They all enjoy picking flowers and I have to put wire around young plants to protect them from my band of wild dogs.

Still I'm looking forward to spring planting. I'll try to teach them to help by fetching my tools for me instead of stealing them from me. Wish me luck.


Channon said...

Oh, that made me laugh!! That's awesome. Your pack is very lucky you appreciate their antics.

dreameyce said...

Heehee! Awesome post!

If it was my Galaxy, I don't think the watering can would have come back ;) heehee

Dot O said...

Cute dogs! Ours used to be devilish when he was young. Now, he just sleeps his days away.

I too saw the beginnings of my daffodils poking through the ground - always a sure sign that spring will be coming soon.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

LizzieJane said...

That is too funny! You poor thing it must get really frustrating at times trying to do any type of gardening. I am sending you luck anyway!

Stacey said...

What a stinker that Bailey is! (But how totally entertaining!)

Nicki said...

cute pictures!

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Lovely fun pictures :D Good luck!
I have given up on gardening since my lot have made it their full time occupation to dig up and eat everything!
They might as well eat the money straight out of my purse...oh wait, they've done that too!
Slobbers xx

gaylen said...

Funny, funny. I love that you took photos before making her bring it back. It's all about the blog - no?

I'm surprised they will bring it back. They might be theives, but at least they'll return the stolen item. g

Gnat said...

OH my gosh that is too funny!! That's what you get for having water dogs! :)

Nichole said...

LOL - adorable pics!