Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh Oh!!

Monday was a sunny but cold winter day. The dogs chose to spend it enjoying one of their favorite group activities, chewing sticks.

Samba started the whole thing when she brought this stick to me to throw. She would put it on the ground in front of me and stand there looking at it, as if she expected it to move. We wouldn't throw it because she has injured her leg chasing thrown objects and we don't want her to do it again. She tends to run too fast and jump in the air to grab the object or slide to a stop to grab it off the ground. A few years ago she tore both her dewclaws sliding to retrieve something, but she still does it.

Once she decided to lie down and chew her stick, everyone found a stick and a place to settle in and a group chew started.

Norma Jean loves to turn sticks into mulch and does it very quickly.

Noah picked out a very little, thin stick. I guess he didn't feel like working too hard on this project.

Tess, on the other hand, chose a nice big stick that would last for hours.

Lola joined the group, too.

Fudge had to come show me his stick before he could start chewing.

Then he found a spot near Morgan and joined in.

Tess was restless and couldn't decide on which stick she wanted. She would start chewing one, then leave it and go find another.

Even Tsar joined the game and found a small stick to destroy.

Tess still couldn't decide and finally went back to the wood pile to look for the perfect stick. The one she chose was too big for her to lift.

Now for the 'oh oh' part. Last night while I was watching The Closer, Sky put his head in my lap for a snuggle. Something caught my eye and when I opened his mouth, I saw that his lower left canine tooth is broken. The top is snapped off, probably from chewing sticks. On Wednesday he'll be going to visit Dr B to see how much damage has been done and what we can do to repair it.


gaylen said...

Beau has completely worn out his two bottom center front teeth - from chewing rocks I think. I doesn't seem to hurt him at all and our Dr. said as long he's still eating not to worry about it.

What did you think of Brenda Lee last night? Oh, maybe I haven't watched it. We watched House and Trust Me after we got home. Brenda tonight :) g

Cat said...

Man, accidents always happen when you're having fun! Hope the visit to the doggie dentist goes well (and not super expensive).

LizzieJane said...

What a shame about Sky's tooth and they were all having such fun. I hope all turns out well at the vet.

Channon said...

Oh no! Sky could have gone to the dentist with the Knight this morning. I hope Sky's fix is cheaper and doesn't require FOUR visits...

dreameyce said...

I have to say, based on pics I'm completely inlove with Fudge... doesn't help I'm a HUGE fan of chocolate dogs :)

Many things can break teeth. Cove is a professional! (Running into trees, and trying to chew his way out of crates.... we call him "Mr Anxiety")

soulbrush said...

what fun with sticks, always wanted a dog to fetch a stick, but not snuffs, she just looks at me when i throw a stick as if to say 'you go get it.'