Friday, February 13, 2009

My Funny Valentine

Some women get flowers and candy from their sweethearts on Valentine's Day,
but I have a 24/7 valentine.
On February 14, 2005, in Parks, Arizona, Jake and Mandy became the proud parents of three sons.

This is Fudge at four weeks of age.

The day he turned eight weeks old, Deerpark's Chocolate Legacy,
better known as Fudge, came to live with us and our lives haven't been the same since.

Fudge can be silly, obstinate and infuriating. He can be totally in tune with me or totally out of step, but every evening he climbs on my lap and snuggles for a while before going off to get into more trouble.

Fudge is a strong personality and he has clashes with the rest of us on a pretty regular basis, but he's always ready to make up and try something new.

Fudge is a great jumper and a world class spinner. He spins so fast we have to reach out and stop him before he crashes into something.

Fudge has won Best of Breed in conformation and has earned two legs of his Rally Novice title, but he has also performed his medley of favorites for judges on more than one occasion. His moves include jumping like a pogo stick, spinning like a top and rolling over on his back with his paws over his eyes.

Fudge is the sire of our puppies, though he acts like a puppy himself.

In the Portuguese Water Dog community there is a tale that on or about the third birthday of a naughty PWD, the 'Good Dog Fairy' pays a visit and from that time on the dog will be a well behaved member of the family and community. He or she will follow commands, not jump on people, will give up stealing and racing around as if fired from a cannon. The Good Dog Fairy was due at our house a year ago. She must have gotten lost. We're wondering if she'll show up this year and turn Fudge into a model canine citizen.

Somehow I don't think so.

Happy Birthday, Fudge and Happy Valentine's Day.


LizzieJane said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Fudge! What an adorable puppy he was and he grew into a beautiful big doggy!

soulbrush said...

this actually brought a lump to my throat sue. your family just keeps on giving you so much love and joy. HVD to all of you from me and snuffs. xxx

gaylen said...

Very sweet tale about the good fairy, you wouldn't really want Fudge to change would you? He's a doll and very lucky to have you. Hope he's off his sugar high :) g

Cat said...

What a cute puppy he was and handsome young man-dog he is! Thanks for showing his baby pics.

Channon said...

What a darling boy. (And again, Sissy insists good dogs are BORING.)