Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Creepy, Crawly Things

I'm not fond of snakes. If I'm startled by one in the grass I'll let out a yelp and get away from it fast. I know there's one that lives in the rock pile. I sometimes see it sunning itself in the late morning and it leaves it's used skin around for the dogs to find a couple times a year. I try to watch my step and make noise when I'm in that area of the yard and so far, we've managed to co-exist.

Yesterday afternoon we stopped by the zoo. I was on a mission to find baby birds. There should be ducklings, goslings and pea chicks all hatching out about now. I couldn't find any. Either my timing is bad or they are all hidden away in safe places, but I didn't see them. Instead we went thru the reptile house. We don't go there on every visit, but this time Rob wanted to. It's a beautiful new building, only a couple years old with this tile snake that leads you through the exhibits.

As long as they're behind glass I don't mind looking at snakes. They have some beautiful colors and patterns.

This one is a Rhinoceros snake.

This is a Python.

OK, enough snakes. They also have lizards of various types in the exhibit.

These two are the same variety and share a cage.

Now the part of the exhibit that I like. Frogs.

These little guys don't even look real. They look like brightly painted ceramic frogs. I have a couple in my collection that look just like them.

Just outside the exit door I spotted this sculpture. Isn't he a beauty?

I'd love to have him in my collection. He'd look great in my rock garden.

Maybe next week I'll find some baby birds.


Sam said...

I LOVE those blue frogs! The big green ones look more like statues than living creatures. I love how still they can stay for what seems like forever.

Unknown said...

The frogs are adorable. I love the statue and he would look great in your rock garden, but not pretty enough to go to jail for.

Forgot to tell you - hummbird nest blew over and the eggs cracked. Mommy was visibly upset and so am I - still and it's been a week. g

SissySees said...

I used to play with snakes as a child, but ever since Mugsy was bitten by a copperhead, I hate them all.

Frogs? They're cute!

LizzieJane said...

Wonderful snakes and frogs. It is always fun going to the zoo at this time of year hoping to catch a glimpse of all the new babies. We have a little snake in our garden too and I think you and I make the same yelpy noise when we unexpectedly come across them.